Air is a vital part of the Saints Row series, appearing in Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV (apart from Space, you can't breath in Space, don't try it!).

For the real life air, see Atmosphere of Earth.


Air is a vital part of the series and it helps the characters breath. The air is all over Earth, but is nobly located in Stilwater, Steelport and Washington, D.C. But not Virtual Steelport, that's not real so it doesn't count, although see Virtual Air for more information.

If The Protagonist runs too much, they have to stop and catch their breath, which means they have to breath in the air. Although if the fully upgrade your Stamina in Saints Row: The Third, you don't have to stop and catch your breath.

When Lin was trapped in her car by William Sharp and dunked under the sea, she couldn't breath as there is no air under the water. And not having gills like a fish, she wasn't able to survive and passed away. William Sharp was killed by the Protagonist shortly after.

When the earth was destroyed in The Real World in Saints Row IV all the air was gone from earth. However, according to Future Shaundi's Christmas Text Adventures in How the Saints Save Christmas, the earth is back by the year 2035, with its air more than likely restored.

There is a superpower called "Air dash", or something like that. It means you dash and wish through the air, whoosh.


  • Killbane was able to breath on Mars in Gangstas in Space despite the Red Planet's lack of air. It's unknown how he did this however. Please check Air (Mars) for more information.
  • The lack of ability to breath in Space means you cannot scream. This is referenced for promotional material for the movie Alien, which has the tagline "In Space, no one can hear you scream". In the film 2001: Space Odyssey a character gets trapped in Space and cannot scream. HAL 9000, the main antagonist of that movie, may be inspired CID.