Alan is a character in Saints Row.


Alan is a chef at the Saint's Row District Freckle Bitch's, he is one of the many people who have wronged Wong Sheng Tai and his family.

Because of this, Mr. Wong has hired the Protagonist to hit (kill, not punch) Alan.

Coincidentally, the Protagonist ran in to him at Tee-N-Ay, and brutally stabbed and sliced Alan to pieces, literally.


  • Alan had an immediate disliking of Mr. Wong when he first met him, which was at the Freckle Bitch's Drive-By window. Mr. Wong's translator was obviously translating, when Alan caught a glimpse of a dead body in the back-seat, being a law-lover, he took off the lid of Mr. Wong's Pepsi and threw the cup at Mr. Wong. Normally, Mr. Wong wouldn't care, but he just bought the black shirt with red dragons on it. So, he pulled out his new Golden SKR-7 Spree he got on eBay, but it jammed, giving Alan time to run away.
  • The Protagonist killed him on his day-off.
  • His father was a lawyer.
  • He saw an American Dad! episode where Stan is scared of homo-sexual people, Alan, being a law-lover, will try his best to not touch any man, excluding hand-shakes and high-fives.
  • Since he trys his best to not touch other men, he uses a Knife in a fight.
  • He is a Hitman target on the Westside Rollerz Hitman Activity.