Al Rosenbur

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Youg Al

Al in Saints Row 2

Character story Fanon

after 15 yrs have passed from the boat exploxsion in stillwater Al escaped the prison w/ Carlos. after the events of all the gang missions the ultor ones started.I did install the Ultor exposed DLC so I thought that was that and the game didnt have a credits at the games end so I just started blowing stuff up until one day my Game froze & I couldnt play SR2 I got Sr3.I made Al again & played the game.then I got Sr2 again and made it? to the place where the gang missions were over & infact I? saw that there was a set of others missions.


Favorite Gun-AS3 Ultimax lvl. 4

Preffered type of clothes-Formal

Favorite voice of choice for Him:SR2-Male,voice 1, SR3-Male,Voice 3