The Ameiru Syndicate are a shady crime syndicate lead by Scott Pippen and are engaged in drug trafficking,computer hacking and human trafficking. They are not well known as they are usually quiet. However this all changes when the saints arrive in Freemason City. Calling for a meeting with the saints in Poison Holly Stadium,he reveals himself as the one responsible for the saints problems in Freemason City. This makes the saints leader angry. And so they wage a bloody campaign of violence against the Ameiru Syndicate that ends with the near death of Johnny Gat due to him being poisoned with a venom. However Gat lives to aid in bringing down the Ameiru Corporation. They are usually seen with K-8 Krukovs,Mini-Guns,Gal43 and AR200 Saws and KA-1 Kobras,They also have stun guns as their weapons. They are the first all black gang in Freemason City's history