Andrew is a full-time thug, part-time fake cop and war veteran that appeared in Saints Row 2 (In Co-op). He appears randomly and helps players with either killing cops, driving somewhere or doing activities (He will usually not want to do activities depending on what he is doing). His idols are The Protagonist and Johnny Gat (Both from Saints Row 1 and 2) and looks up to them, He has worked with all of the Saints members except for The Protagonist. He owns the finest housings in Stilwater along with the finest weapons and usually works with the 3rd Street Saints. His best friend is "Trace" and Trace has helped Andrew on many situations like breaking out of Jail and causing mayhem in the city.


  • He met Shaundi in college.
  • His appearance is based off the Modern Warfare series' John "Soap" MacTavish
  • His name is based off the creators real name.
  • He is classified as one of the "Worst Drivers of Stilwater"
  • He is one of Stilwater's most wanted.
  • His weapons of choice are the Katana (Melee), Dual Kobras (Pistol, However he can be seen going around with Dual NR4s usually), Dual Uzis (SMG, He usually refers to it as a MAC-10), AK-47 (Assualt Rifle), XS-2 Ultimax (Shotgun), Annhilator RPG (Special), Satchel Charges (Throw) and Sex Doll (Enviormental).
  • He has been in Jail over 10 times and has broken out all the times.