Angel De LaMuerte is a character in Saints row: The Third.
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Angel is a Mexican-American former Luchador and member of the 3rd Street Saints. In his glory days, he was once a tag-team partner to the famous Luchador and his partner-in-crime, Killbane, which Penny mentions after Zimos has been rescued. Soon after, they formed a gang in Steelport called the Luchadores, made up of masked wrestlers who use heavy weapons and loved fistfights. As the gang grew larger, Killbane became angry and jealous of Angel's respect in the gang, therefore causing him to unmask Angel, causing him great shame.[reference?]

Now, Angel is rarely seen in public and has found solace as a member of the 3rd Street Saints. Here, he can get revenge on the man that was once his best friend and helps the Saints in taking down the Luchadores.

Angel accompanied Stinky Farterson, Penny, and Shaundi on their mission to take down Jimmy O.