The Ass-Master is a prolific sex fiend who operates in Liberty City, and moved to Stilwater during the 2000s when he was up on trial for molesting Niko Bellic.

When investigated by Trisha Bradshaw for boodlegging Luchadore Porn, Ass-Master fled to Steelport and worked for the Morningstar in their BDSM business, calling himself "The Porn King of Steelport County". When the 3rd Street Saints took down the Syndicate, Ass-Master retired after selling off his porn store and moved to the Bahamas to retire with his boyfriend Dex.

In the "year" Ass-Master returned to Steelport during The Protagonist's time as Presidency. Ass-Master was abducted by Zinyak and placed in his own simulation consisting of him being a sex slave. Despite the Zin's downfall during Saints Row IV, the 3rd Street Saints executed the Ass-Master, who was sent to hell to become the Devil's bitch.

He is the best friend of businessman Mr. Sinister.