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Benjamin 'Motherfucking' King is your stereotypical hard ass movie black man who takes shit from nobody. He was the founder and leader of the Vice Kings and later wrote a self help novel titled Regicide. In the movie adaption, he was played by Michael Clarke Duncan, as they shared some similarity.


Founding the Vice Kings

Ben grew up in Sunnyvale with his lover Julius Little and they founded the Vice Homos in Stilwater in order to spread peace and love across Stilwater. But when the Carnales took over, it was changed to Vice Little Kings in order to fight against the Carnales gang. When Julius left, a broken Ben removed his title from the gang name, making it only the Vice Kings. He later hired Tony, who acted as bodyguard and personal lover.

Saints Row

Ben King was a mafia type boss running a record company and trying to go legit, but his pricks Tanya and Little Nigga where still acting like petty arseholes. They tried to lead a coup against him after Tony's death, but Ben was rescued by Bob Wilson, the personal rent boy of Julius and teamed up with Julius' gang the 3rd Street Saints to take down Tanya.

After that he left town looking at a porno photo of Ben and Julius, back in the good old days.


Ben wrote a book called Regicide - the Rise and Fall of the Vice Kings and had a book launch at the Stilwater University. Michael Clarke Duncan was signed up to play Ben along with Keith David as Julius.

A story to tell

See: Sunnyvale: The Rise of the Vice Kings

Shortly after the defeat of the Zin Invasion, King and the Boss watched Regicide on the Ship. The Boss asked King about his rise of power and how he made it so big. King was disappointed in this as it was clear the Boss hadn't actually read his book, but told him anyway.

Saints Row: Tales of the Saints Strumpet

Alternative Timeline

Shortly after telling the Boss the story of his rise, the Boss decided to go in a 'field trip' and go back to old Stilwater to see it all for himself. However as Julius was leaving the Vice Kings (to travel to Saint's Row) the Boss got pissed off by their appearance and shot Julius in the head. This caused an alternative timeline, in which Julius wasn't able to found the Saints and the Boss was back at square one. King was still a major figure in Stilwater but had a more bitter personality as his friend was murdered. As Julius wasn't able to found the Saints, Tanya and Warren held their coup against King without interruptions, killed him and got involved in a large war with the Carnales which destroyed most of Stilwater.




  • According to his birth certificate, his middle name is literally 'motherfucking'.
  • Completing Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax activities unlocks Benjamin's Simulation Super Outfit.


Saints Row: Tales of the Saints Strumpet

"I can't believe this other gang and the Morningstar can defeat the Saints. It's like they cannot tell they are walking to their doom."
―One of Benjamin's idle comments mentioning how the Sinister Mafia and Morningstar is doomed for failure
"At my age, most men would be settled down by now, but I still find myself in these gang wars. That said, I've got a Superhero that I can write a book on now. Man the Saints always gives me something amazing to write about."
―One of Benjamin's idle comments about how the Saints gives him something to write about.



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