Chicken Ned
Chicken Ned



  • Unknown (Saints Row series)
  • Deceased (Sinister series)


Saints Row (2006)


Chicken Ned is a mascot for Lik-a-Chik in Stilwater. His son Doodle followed in his footsteps. He is also the distant relative of Velociraptor Ned.

He is the arch nemesis of Duck Face and was later murdered by Mr. Sinister.


Third Street Girls

"Mr. Sinister: Where is my chilli sauce?
Chicken Ned: But we don't do chilli sauce!
Mr. Sinister: Well fuck you then!
Chicken Ned: Please Mr. Sinister - DON'T!
―Chicken Ned's final moments.

Chicken Ned was now working in Sinister-port as a delivery boy. He delivered fried chicken to supreme ruler Mr. Sinister. Mr. Sinister taunted and teased Chicken Ned asking where his chilli sauce was (knowing full well that the chain didn't sell chilli sauce). When Chicken Ned tried to protest, Mr. Sinister shot him dead on the spot for his "failings".


Saints Row series

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