Compact Service Rifle







Clip Size

60 (Rank 5 Clip Size)



Used by

Super Slut
Sinister Mafia




Saints Row: Tales of the Saints Strumpet

Compact Service Rifle is a weapon in Saints Row: Tales of the Saints Strumpet.

"Assault rifle in a very compact package"
―Weapon Description


Accuracy, Clip Size, Damage, Reload Speed can all be upgraded 5 levels each, and has 6 "Ultimate Upgrades" for each of the costumes.

Ultimate upgrade

  • IWI 21 AR: Balanced Ergonomics
  • FN 2000 AR: Aiming Mobility
  • STK 21 AR: Hipfire Stability
  • MASS G2 AR: Rapid Fire
  • Styr 77 AR: Static Stability
  • Royal 80 AR: Magnified Scope

Weapon Breakdown

  • Many Ultimate Upgrades for each Costume
  • IWI 21 AR can be used inside vehicles with the Balanced Ergonomics Upgrade
  • STK 21 AR gains accuracy boost when hip-firing
  • MASS G2 AR is very deadly in close range fights with the Rapid Fire Upgrade
  • Styr 77 AR gains accuracy boost when standing still
  • Royal 80 AR is very effective at long range with the Magnified Scope Upgrade
  • Excellent accuracy when upgraded
  • Excellent crowd control weapon
  • Ultimate Upgrades are very expensive
  • Rapid Fire Upgrade increases the MASS G2 AR recoil
  • Fairly low damage until upgraded
  • Accuracy is poor until upgraded


  • IWI 21 AR
    • Default - Black
  • FN 2000 AR
    • Default - Blue
  • STK 21 AR
    • Default - Grey
  • MASS G2 AR
    • Default - Grey
  • Styr 77 AR
    • Default - Black
  • Royal 80 AR
    • Default - Green


  • The Ultimate Upgrades were initially brought together a 1 upgrade vs 6, but it was decided that the uprades would be split up if the player didn't want to buy a certain upgrade and/or waste money.
  • The IWI 21 AR is based off the Israel Weapon Industries/Israel Military Industries TAR-21 (IDF version) in the with a vertical grip and a Red Dot Sight resembling a cross between the Meprolight M21 and the Meprolight MOR.
    • Unlike the real Meprolight MOR, the in-game version when equipped has it's laser slight permanently on instead of being activated
    • The Balanced Ergonomics was selected for the IWI 21 AR as the Tavor is very well balanced.
    • The Balanced Ergonomics upgrade makes the IWI 21 AR the only Rifle that can be used inside a vehicle while driving.
    • This is a trait shared with the Inflato-Ray in Saints Row IV, which was the only Shotgun weapon usable inside a vehicle.
  • The FN 2000 AR is based off the FN Herstal F2000 Tactical with a vertical grip and a Aimpoint T1 Micro Red Dot Sight.
  • The STK 21 AR is bassed off the ST Kinetics SAR 21 MMS equipped with a vertical grip and a Trijicon RX01 Red Dot Sight.
  • The MASS G2 AR is based off the MAS FAMAS G2 with a vertical grip.
    • The Rapid Fire upgrade was selected for the MASS G2 AR as the FAMAS has a very high fire rate of around 1000 RPM.
  • The Styr 77 AR is based off the Steyr AUG A3 equipped with it's barrel mounted vertical grip and an Elcan OS4X Optic.
  • The Royal 80 AR is based off the BAE SA80 Mk 2 (the upgraded L85A2 variant) with a vertical grip, laser/light combo and an Elcan OS4X Optic.
    • Although the Magnified Scope upgrade give the Royal 80 AR magnification, the Elcan OS4X is a fixed 4x optic. The Elcan SpecterDR would be a more accurate option as it's a 1-4x optic, but the British Army is issuing orders for the OS4X to replace their SUSATs and their (currently used) ACOGs.

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