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Deceased (Currently living as a spirit in Hell)


Saints Row 2 (2008)

Dane Vogel is the chairman at Ultor in both life and afterlife.


King Kong

Dane Vogel was the man responsible for the capture of King Kong from Skull Island, and would use put Kong on as a show until the ape escaped and was subsequently killed.

Taking over Stilwater

In 2006, Dane Vogel offered gang member Dexter Jackson a job working as a Head of Security at Ultor, leading to Dex turning his back on the 3rd Street Saints. Dane hoped that Dex's abilities as a tactician would help in his goals of redeveloping Stilwater and choosing the right path.

Years later Dane was working as Ultor's Head of Special Projects and plotted to pit new 3 gangs against each other. When the 3rd Street Saints returning after a 5-year hiatus and were revived by Bob Wilson and Johnny Gat, Dane had briefly helped Brotherhood leader Maero get his gang out of prison (which failed) and later cut his losses with the Ronin.

When all 3 gangs were defeated, Dane attempted to have the Saints killed with his Masako Team. Bob Wilson and Johnny Gat later destroyed the Pyramid. Dane then conspired against the board at Ultor by leading Bob to a party on a boat, which led to them all killed and Dane promoted to Chairman.

Dane was later assassinated by Bob Wilson when shot in the head and fallen from the Phillips Building, despite begging and claiming he was the Saints number 1 fan. Eric Gryphon succeeded in Dane's role as Head of Special Projects, and would form an alliance with the 3rd Street Saints.

Life in Hell

Dane had began residing in Hell, and welcomed Johnny Gat and Kinzie Kensington on their arrival.

Alternative timeline

Saints Row: Return to the Row

As an option the player can work for Dane Vogel, which unlocks the "Ultor Story Arc". Dane goes to war with Mayor Richard Hughes over domination of Stilwater.



Saints Row series

  • Saints Row 2
  • Saints Row: The Third (mentioned)
  • Saints Row IV (mentioned)
  • Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell (unreleased)

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