Dumbchit Del Rio [Real name Juan Rodriguez Del Rio] is a Cuban member of the Saints who is really dumb and fails to understand even the basic commands such as suck my cock. He also has a fondness of smacking people with pimpslap which annoys everyone including Maria Limousine. He is also fond of Freckle Bitchs and threatens to castrate Councilman Phillips for banning them. He asks Shaundi if she is Irish and she says no. However he fails to understand and puts on a fake Irish accent until Kinzie has enough and kicks him in the nuts. He is left alone when the Saints go out to party and Dex and his men try to kidnap but he throws a shoe at them knocking them out. When the Saints arrive from the party and see Dex and his men knocked out they show shock that it was Dumbchit who did it. Dumbchit then makes a joke only to get dropkicked by Johnny Gat. Afterwards he is not seen again until the very end where he is seen trying to hit on Maria after she disco dances but gets cruelly rejected.