Fake Earth
The Mystery Earth lookalike





Fake Earth is an ugly little planet, used by Zinyak to trick the 3rd Street Saints into thinking the earth was destroyed.


Fake Earth is a planet located somewhere else in the Galaxy. Somewhat foreseeing The Protagonist's escape, Zinyak got the Zin mothership situated close to the Fake Earth. When The Protagonist, Kinzie Kensington and Keith David escaped the Mothership they headed towards Fake Earth under the false pretense it was their homeworld. Zinyak then destructed it in hopes of breaking the Saints down and making the Protagonist feel responsible for killing 7 Billion people.

Despite this though, Zinyak caused The Protagonist to lead a battle against the Zin, and Zinyak's own death, all to "avenge" the many people who weren't really killed.

Sometime later, the Saints would rediscover the real Earth and take it back.

When Donald Trump became President of the United States on Real Earth in 2017 he swore that the remaining members of the Zin Empire would pay for blowing up the Fake Earth.