Freemason City is the setting of Saints Row:Freemason City throwdown. It is based upon Las Vegas. It has brothels porn shops and a Hotel named Hotel Grand Freemason. It also has an Airport named Marcus Aurelius International Airport which is located 42 minutes away from the Saints Hideout. It also has a highway named Freemason Highway. There is also a Friendly Fire located at Myrtle ave and Johnson Rd. Tajiri Kaneda lives in a house located on Myrtle ave & Gleason Ct. Zimos was born here before moving to Steelport at the age of 19. There is a statue of a Naked man groping himself. They also have their own military base located near the Airport. Trespassing there will give you an instant 5 star wanted level[Which is the max].

The most popular drug in Freemason City is Jungo.