Fun Shaundi
Fun Shaundi from Saints Row IV
Fun Shaundi in "Simulation 31".


Human (simulated)


Simulation Sinister


  • Alive (Saints Row series)
  • Deceased (Sinister series)


Saints Row IV (2013)


3rd Street Saints


Drug Trafficker
Saints Lieutenant


Shaundi (surrogate older sister)
CID (partner)

Fun Shaundi is a young representation of Shaundi and when she was far more "fun" and "carefree" (hence the nickname). She was originally created inside "The Simulation" by Zinyak as part of Shaundi's nightmare simulation, but was eventually recruited within Simulation 31 by the 3rd Street Saints. After the fall of the Zin Empire the Saints found a way to bring Fun Shaundi into the real world and "old" Shaundi took her on as a surrogate younger sister.

She appears as a minor character near the end of The Sinister Three in which she is kidnapped and murdered by Mr. Sinister in front of Shaundi and Viola DeWynter. Her death leads to Shaundi to lead a war against the Sinister Three.



When Mr. Sinister had subjected Shaundi to one of Zinyak's nightmare simulations to make him submit to her, this had created a younger representation of herself, nicknamed "Fun Shaundi".

The Sinister Three

"Oh fuck you, you are no fun anymore!"
―Mr. Sinister to Fun Shaundi.

During Mr. Sinister's rise of power, he had kidnapped Fun Shaundi once discovering she was now existing in reality. He had taken her to safeword where her older self and Viola DeWynter were being held captive. In order to break Shaundi's spirit, Mr. Sinister sadistically tortured Fun Shaundi and when she had protested, shot her in the head with little thought. Laughing in Shaundi's distressed face, he had left Fun Shaundi where she lay in order to finish his complete takeover of Steelport.

Third Street Girls

Although the murder of Fun Shaundi broke Shaundi in many ways no one could imagine, the murder gave her enough strength to form the "Third Street Girls" with Viola and Cypher in a war against the Sinister Three. Despite taking down Mr. Sinister's operation, they had failed to capture him as Mr. Sinister took his own life by jumping from the Sinister Tower, thus robbing Shaundi of a chance of personal vengeance.

Fun Shaundi was later laid to rest at Mourning Woods Cemetery along with other fallen victims murdered by Mr. Sinister. A statue of Fun Shaundi with a bong was set up near the Saints Row Church in her honour.



  • The creator of the Sinister series claimed he was saddened to kill off Fun Shaundi, as he basically murdered "someone beautiful". He has said that she will appear in future projects although they won't be part of the "Sinister-verse".


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