Galen Worthy was the former leader of the Homies who gave amuunition to the 3rd Street Saints. He is first seen in Saints Row 5  where he is seen attempting to fend off the Korean Mobs raid of his warehouse but he fails he then watches his warehouse burn down in disgust and calls the leader of the 3rd Street Saints to tell her about the bad news. It is revealed the homies paid for the ammunition and needed it to protect an incoming marijuana shipment. Shaundi Viola and the boss arrive at the burned out warehouse and immediately deduce it was the Koreans. The leader of the Saints Verona Rodriguez demands he not let something like this happen. He is later seen helping the Saints are seen gunning down some Korean mobsters who are celebrating Korea Day. He is then seen after this abusing one of Zimos hos this infuriates Zimos who retaliates by shooting him in the stomach with his Pimp Shotgun killing him instantly. He was given a funeral where other Homies attended their true leader Ronald Perod then vowed vengance on the Saints.