Gangstas in Space 2: Attack of the Zin is the second installment of the Gangstas in Space saga produced by the Saints Media Group.



  • The Saints Leader as the President of the United States/lead to beat zin
  • Kinzie as cornell
  • Keith David as Vice President
  • Matt Miller as MI6 agent
  • Benjamin King as President's Chief of Staff.
  • cid as CID
  • Zinyak as Zin Overlord 


Some old faces turned up to play in the game, um, movie, whatever...


Five-years after the assassination of General Killbane on Mars and the saving planet earth from the Space Amazons, the Saints commander has been elected President of the United States. However a new alien threat known as the Zin challenge the President by launching a full on attack on planet earth, and president fight zin with amazons why the zin kill people and destroy amazons land and homeworld .

Deleted Scenes

Five deleted scenes where removed which included the appearance of Donnie who was a mechanic for the Westside Rollerz and the Brotherhood. For the Boss' treatment of Donnie he offered him a role in the movie, but it was cut.

Other scenes include an AI as a Dominatrix appearing, but the producers opted for Zinyak to expand his role.


The movie was met with great reviews due to being too over the top and relying too much on references to the Saints Boss' own personal life which also distracted from the main plot. It was also criticized for the Boss' good rerformance. Like parts of the original Gangstas in Space movie, it spends more time with the Boss rather than Johnny Gat's character.


  • In-universe, Saints Row IV is just a movie and is actually another Saints production, hence Gangstas in Space 2. So Johnny Gat is still dead in reality.