Kinzie's Blueprints of The Gundamn

The Gun-Damn!! also known as The Mobile Suit Gundamn is the most advanced and destructive suit of mobile armor ever developed by Kinzie Kensington, and was crafted shortly after the birth of the saints empire and the slaying of Zinyak.


Being the single most destructive weapon at the saints disposal, The Gundamn is The Saints Emperor's single most reliable and feared weapon, as well as his most favourite. It is said to be the absolute culmination of every last bit of destruction that Emperor Jordan has ever caused, as well as the pinnacle of every toy/weapon, and object of general heavy assault that he has been given access to over the years. The Gundamn was developed from the mobile armor mecha which was used in Saints Row 4, integrating its data with the huge mecha used by Zinyak shortly before his slaying at the hands of Emperor Jordan. From there, countless different highly experimental technologies and weapons from The Saints empire were equipped into its design, making it the single most destructive weapon in the entire galaxy, capable of replicating the power behind the cannon which destroyed planet earth in a single shot from its built in beam bazooka's. Naturally, the final design of the Gundamn decorates it various, pearlescent/candy purple paint shades, accented with numerous bright golden plates, classifying it as the vessel of the Saints Emperor.

Weapons Systems & Peformance

Power Amplification

The Mobile Suit "Gun-Damn!!" functions like a huge power amplifier for the boss's super powers, and as such he is capable of utilizing all his powers and special attacks while inside the mobile suit as he see's fit. His powers are also shown to rise by a profound amount of destructive capacity while inside the suit.