Kozik 306

Herman Kozik is a member of the Third Street Saints Tacoma charter.


Unlike others, Herman Kozik is friendly, well-meaning, calculating, selfless and calm. Well-liked by many, Kozik was shown to be extremely loyal to the saints when he volunteered to help Ling Chun-Tsao lure the Sons of Samedi's heroin shipment into Galen's hands, when he and Jimmy O'Phelan sneak into St. Thomas to silence a Brotherhood member, when he helps The Saints with the situation involving the kidnapping of Johnny and Piney by Connor Malone, when he beat up the youngsters to find out where was the stolen shipment of guns and when he volunteered to help Galen and the Sons of Samedi in their fight with the ruthless Brotherhood which ultimately destroyed the Tacoma Clubhouse and cost him all the money in the safe. He is shown to have a very complicated relationship with fellow Sergeant-At-Arms Lieutenant Ling but by season 2, they seemed to have left their problems in the past and have become close friends. This is also evidenced when Kozik sadly asks Johnny if Ling died quickly and when he and the rest did shots at the bar in honor of their fallen brother.

Season 1

He is seen engaging in a Fist-Fight with Ling. Carlos Breaks up the Fight and Kozik runs inside the Clubhouse, enraged. Kozik is later seen being patched in to the Tidal Spring Charter.

Season 2

He is next seen at Aisha's Funeral when Shogo Akuji attacks. Kozik jumps on Shogo's motorcycle and almost immediately falls off, rolling into a dirt ditch. Ling runs to Kozik's rescue. Ling and Kozik then run up the ditch, along with Johnny and Jimmy, and begin killing Ronin members. Shogo runs into a garage, with ling in the middle of the street. Kozik then begins shooting at a ronin vehicle, only to be hit in the head with a brick. Kozik goes unconscious. Ling notices Kozik fall, and all of a sudden, Shogo smashes out of the garage on a large prototype motorcycle. Ling runs infront of it, firing at Shogo. Shogo pulls the throttle, and smashes into ling, dragging him under and crushing him to death. Kozik regains consciousness, and notices Ling's Corpse. Enraged, Kozik jumps on a Purple Motorcycle and chases after shogo. Kozik finally shoots the back tire, sending Shogo crashing into the graveyard. Johnny then brutally beats Shogo until he can get up no more. Kozik opens a casket, and a body falls out. Shogo begs to be killed, but the two angry Saints bury Shogo alive.