How Saints Row The Third should have been

I personally love the Saints Row franchise, but SRTT was just a slip of the tongue.

The Start

Loren dies at the very beginning of the game; which in this point is wrong. You invaded a Morningstar bank, and they're the ones that brought you to Steelport. So, changing the mix from Loren to Killbane was a bad idea. This is how I would of done it: ACT 1

When Good Heists Go Bad

Im Free- Freefalling

We're Gonna Need Guns

note: I decide to make the game a little juicer by the end of "We're Gonna Need Guns"

Ok, now you are free to choose which story arc you want to play, but only doing the Morningstar arc grants you access to the STAG arc. First you must finish the two other arcs.

Decker arc

Meeting The Deckers

Cyber Blazing*

Total Geek


Gamer 4 Life

Guardian Angel*

Live! With Killbane

Phone Phreak

Learning Computer

Heli Assault*

Stop All The Downloading


Thanks, From Kenzie

Luchadores arc


Insurance Fraud*

The Walking Apocalypse

Killing The Competition

Trail Blazing*

A Remote Chance

The Shipment

Eye Of The Tiger*

Kidnapped And Tortured

Face Your Fear

3 Count Beatdown

Murderbrawl XXXI

Morningstar arc/STAG arc

Return To Steelport

Zimos, The Pimp

I Heart Steelport

Guardian Angel*

Take Over The City



Pimps Up, Hos Down

Gang Bang

'Ho Traffic'*

Convoy Decoy


Party Time

Nyte Blayde's Return

The Gat Comeback

Tank Mayhem*

Professor Genki*

Hit The Powder Room

The Belgian Problem: This mission requires you to go to Syndicate Tower, but Loren Escapes.

The Ho Boat

Stilwater Blues

My Name Is Cyrus Temple

Air Steelport

Zombie Attack

STAG Party

Three Way: After all the battle locations against the Morningstar and STAG; you must either <Kill Phillipe and landing in Stilwater, but Decease Gat, Reynolds, and Shaundi> or > Save them and end STAG.<

<All's Good With The World> or >Hangover<

Note: that this is nonfiction and will never happen, enjoy.