Jackie is a character in Saints Row.


Jackie is a paramedic who has wronged Wong Sheng Tai and his family, because of this, Mr. Wong hired the Protagonist to kill her.

The Protagonist done this by using his Ill Wireless cell phone to dial 911, which is Emergency, to call up a paramedic, when Jackie gets to him, he mercilessly shot down and killed her with a Vice 9 pistol.


  • Jackie is light-skinned with brown hair, she has a white paramedic shirt, a heart listener, black pants, and two black boots.
  • Jackie smacked Mr. Wong's great-uncle across the face because he would not cooperate with his treatment.
  • Because of this, Jackie got fired, but hired again two years later.
  • Jackie is a Hitman target on the Westside Rollerz Hitman Activity.
  • She is lesbian.
  • To kill Jackie, call 911 Emergency and kill Jackie with a Vice 9 pistol.