Jimmy Torbitson






Alive (Original Timeline)
Deceased (Alternate Timeline)


Saints Row: The Third (2011)


3rd Street Saints


Unnamed mother

Jimmy Torbitson is a nerd and the Saints' biggest fan, however through the feelings of betrayal becomes their biggest enemy. He is the antagonist of Saints Row: Revenge of the Jin. Jimmy had cloned Johnny Gat, thus making Johnny Tag. During the events of The Trouble with Clones he assists the Saints on tracking down Johnny Tag. Despite his assistance, the Saints forgot about Jimmy once acquiring Tag. When Jimmy began stalking the Boss, the Boss grabbed Jimmy's throat and said "I like you kid, but I prefer to do things...alone." Jimmy was hurt by his betrayal, and went home to burn the Saints things. Later he was abducted by Zinyak who wished to acquire Jimmy's rights to his superhero concoction. Seeing his brand in Planet Zin stores, Jimmy felt like something and grew to admire Zinyak. However whilst spending time in his nightmare simulation, he had nightmares of a mocking Boss, and grew to hate them each day.

In the aftermath of Zinyak's death, Jimmy escaped his simulation. Realizing the Saints where in charge on the Zin, Jimmy plotted a revolution and broke out rogue Zin prisoners, nicknaming them the "Jin Gang". Using Zinyak's DNA, Jimmy created a brute Zinyak to become his second in command.


Saints Row series

  • Saints Row: The Third
    • Genkibowl VII (news ticker)
    • The Trouble with Clones

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