Kazuya Mishima is the leader of the G Corporation and the main antagonist of Saints Row 4:What the hell is going on[which takes place before the protagonist becomes President ]. Expanding his company's influence to Steelport he attempts to take over all of the Saint's buisnesses but fails. Infuriated he vows vengance against the Saints and hires former Saints member Dexter Jackson as his hitman. He then sets his plan into motion. He then gets a hold of Phillipe Loren's cloning machine and plans to make multiple brutes to serve as his slaves. He then plans to extort money out of the Saints owned buisnesses and then sends his brutes to destroy them. However Keith David and Shaundi manage to take down the brutes. Kazuya Mishima then turns the entirety of Steelport on the Saints. Kazuya then runs for president and wins and decides to put a price on the Saints forehead of $420,000. With a bunch of people on their tail the Saints drive off and head towards the Steelport-Stillwater border. However they find G Corporation soldiers waiting for them. However Matt and Asha tell the protagonist to floor it and run over the G corp henchmen. However it is revealed that Toshi had destroyed the truck with an EMP. At the mercy of the G Corp henchmen Pierce and Kinzie are about to die when Viola Oleg and Mayor Reynolds come to save the day. Burt Reynolds then tells the Saints to come to his mansion there they find Pierce Troy Bradshaw Johnny Gat and Fun Shaundi. Thinking of a plan to finally take down President Mishima They don't realize Dexter Jackson is listening outside he drives off to report this to Kazuya Mishima. Afterwards they drive in Mayor Reynold's limo to Kazuya's white house. Their they get into a fight with Bruce Anna and Dex until Bruce Irvin decides to defect to the Saints and helps them. Kazuya then explains that Dex told him their plan which won't work. Having enough of Dexter Jackson's betrayal Gat disembowels him in front of Kazuya Mishima who remains calm and emotionless.  Kazuya thne gets into a swordfight with Gat and is promtply defeated. Kazuya than smiles evilly after he is defeated and his brainwashing is done. He then proceeds to transform into the devil and fly off.