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Keith David




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Not Julius Little


Vice President
President of Virtual Steelport

Keith David is an award winning actor and the Vice President of the United Saints. He defiantly sounds nothing like Julius Little.


Acting Career

Keith was the star in the movie He Lives along with Roddy Piper, but didn't like the fight scene where he was being beaten up (lets hope that doesn't come back to haunt him one day). He later got into voice acting, and was the voice over of a certain character in the Volition game Bling Bling and its sequel Not a GTA Sequel or rip-off - Fuck off. Keith David later starred in the award winning movie Regicide - The Rise and Fall of the Vice Kings acting as Julius Little alongside Michael Clarke Duncan, which was set during the 1970s and based on the novel by Benjamin King.

Vice President

Keith David was invited to become vice president by the 3rd Street Saints leader Bob Wilson.

Saints Row: Tales of the Saints Strumpet

After Bob Wilson and the other left the White House, Keith David was the only one in Bob's cabinet to stay in the White House and is making a run for Presidency during the course of the story.



Saints Row series

  • Saints Row IV
    • How the Saints Save Christmas

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