Kinzie Kensington
Kinzie Saints Row IV
Kinzie in her white house attire






Alive/Deceased (optional) (Original Timeline)
Unknown (Retcon Timeline)


Saints Row: The Third (2011)


Sinister Three
3rd Street Saints
FBI (formerly)


Battle SMG
Semi-Auto Shotgun


Lieutenant for the 3rd Street Saints
Press Secretary
Personal Assistant of the Sinister Three
FBI Agent


Mr. Sinister (Boyfriend)

Kinzie Kensington is a lieutenant in the 3rd Street Saints and a hacker.


The Sinister Three

After the presumed deaths of Shaundi and Viola DeWynter on Magarac Island, Kinzie discovers that they weren't dead instead abducted by a gang known as the Sinister Three. Before she can get the information to The Protagonist she finds herself captured by the gang.

However after a chat with Sentient Jack and Mr. Sinister, they play on some of Kinzie's insecurities and make her believe the 3rd Street Saints are using her, and get her to convert to the Sinister Three, making her feel welcome. They are able to convince her enough that she has sex with Mr. Sinister in order to thank him for helping her see through the "truth".

Third Street Girls

After Shaundi, Viola and Cypher reach the computer chamber of the Syndicate Tower, they encounter Kinzie who they believe at first to be kidnapped until she pulls a weapon on them, she reveals to them that she is not kidnapped but in fact joined the Sinister Three as she knew the saints were using her all along and decided to leave. The trio try to calm Kinzie down by telling her that it is a lie that they were using her and how she could believe that is futile. Kinzie reveals that she found out after talking to Mr. Sinister and decided to join him after his "kind and truthful words", Shaundi scolds Kinzie for believing words from the man who kidnapped her Viola and her surrogate sister, but Kinzie does not care as his words were convincing enough. Kinzie begins to insult Shaundi about her past interactions with her and how awfully she treated her, she then takes up a step and insults the execution of Fun Shaundi and how Shaundi herself was raped, Shaundi throws a temper and grabs Kinzie by the throat and threatens to shoot her in the face, Kinzie then scolds Shaundi for threatening her just like her kidnapper did. Kinzie pulls off the last straw by telling Shaundi that the rape better have been nice and painful for her and that she hopes Mr. Sinister did a round on her well enough, in which she then reveals that she and Mr. Sinister are in a relationship and that the two actually had sex. Viola then points her gun at a pinned Kinzie as well and agree's to execute Kinzie right there and then, but Cypher tells the two otherwise as it will not make them look any better. This leads Shaundi and Viola to decide on Kinzie's fate.

If the two decide to kill Kinzie, they say to her "goodnight whore" and pull their triggers by shooting Kinzie in the face, killing her instantly. Shaundi and Viola pull off a sigh of relief and then instantly make out and grobe each others boobs. Cypher chuckles hoping the two are glad that they got it out of the way and then proceed to the next chamber. The consequences of Kinzie's death is what Shaundi says when encountering Mr. Sinister at the end before his suicide, in which she will tell him it is pure revenge for killing her sister.

If the two decide to spare Kinzie, they throw her aside and tell her leave and never return, Kinzie leaves off and is never heard from again.

Saints Row: Tales of the Saints Strumpet

After Shaundi was genetically altered by an unknown individual and made her adopt the title Super Slut, Kinzie took up researching how Shaundi tires to adopt to her new lifestyle and what happened to her and how it could have happened.




  • In Saints Row: Tales of the Saints Strumpet, Kinzie was responsible for the creation of the Training Simulation.
  • In the Medium difficulty of the Hacking activity in Stilwater, Kinzie constantly and openly questions Shaundi about her past relationships, especially those regarding Blake, Veteran Child and even goes as far to invade her sex life, as it seems to intrigue Kinzie.
    • This shows that Kinzie has earned a lot of trust from Shaundi, although Shaundi eventually stops talking after Kinzie starts to embarrass and slightly annoy her for being too nosy.
  • Kinzie uses the Semi-Auto Shotgun by default as a Homie. During the Hacking activities, she uses the Battle SMG.
  • Kinzie is the oldest character in the saints row franchise to lose her virginity. Whilst other character's lost their's at a teenage year.
    • It is not exactly confirmed whether or not Mr. Sinister is the first person Kinzie has had sex with, but from speculating her dialogue of having no sex life, it makes it obvious.
  • Completing the Hacking Protection activities unlocks Kinzie's White House and Simulation Super Outfit.


The Sinister Three

"Well, I guess you ain't so bad. I'm sure all these individuals you have had to deal with deserve these circumstances."
"Do you relieve think that?"
"Of course!"
"Well... you are the first woman to tell me that this is the right thing to do. Most women call me disgusting for this... no wonder I haven't got a loved one."
"You do now."
"Are you-"
"Shh... it's alright
―Kinzie flirting with Mr. Sinister, moments before having sex with him.

Third Street Girls

"How the fuck am I gonna be able to help the Saints when they've got me on their hit list?! I've betrayed them and Shaundi is gonna rip my head off!"
"Well what else are you gonna do?"
"I don't have any fucking option thanks to you asshole, for convincing me into joining your fucking scheme, I can only hope they spare me if I give them all the help I can before I get a bullet in the head!"
"Maybe they don't know yet! If you follow my lead I could get us both out of this and-"
"Not a chance! I guess the only I'm gonna get out of this alive is to fight back when I get a chance, or pray to fucking good they don't kill me!
―Kinzie speaking it Sentient Jack when discussing options.

Saints Row: Tales of the Saints Strumpet

"Wow this is fascinating, Shaundi you have no idea how far evolved you've become, my god you're literally a walking superhero."
"Kinzie, there is no way I could have evolved as far as you make it out to be with the technology we have access to."
"Are you kidding me? We were given it by the Zin, and the results I have here don't lie. You're the perfect example of genetically enhanced humans, even The Boss and Johnny would be threated by you."
" Am I really that powerful?"
―Kinzie speaking to Shaundi about her genetic alterations.



Saints Row series

  • Saints Row: The Third
  • Saints Row IV
  • Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell

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