Saints Row (2006)


Drug Trafficker


Tobias (husband)
Unnamed son

Laura is the drug trafficking wife of Tobias another drug trafficker. Laura once lived in a house in the suburbs until she and Tobias moved to Steelport after a cross-dressing Arab men harassed her after wich Tobias tore the man in half. Laura also has a son who goes to High School[although by the time they move to steelport he is in going to college]. In Steelport she hooks up with the Saints and decides to talk about the good old days with fun Shaundi. She is also shocked to find that the Saints had just defeated Kazuya Mishima.  Laura then confesses to the gang that Kazuya was a rival drug trafficker and is glad he was defeated. She then states that Keith David looks a lot like Julius Little only to get slapped across the face by Keith David. Tobias then is about to cry for his wife until he realizes getting slapped turned her on. Tobias then explains to a freaked out Keith David that she used to have orgasms when he slapped her too. Having heard enough the Protagonist decides to change the subject and asks Tobias and Laura why did they move to which Tobias explains an Arab corssdresser harassed Laura and got torn in half as a result. Also her son is going to college in Steelport as well. She then introduces herself to Matt Miller and Asha Odekar.


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  • Saints Row 2
  • Saints Row: The Third Strategy Guide (mentioned)
  • Saints Row: Gat out of Hell (mentioned only)