"I left the Ronin for a reason, and that was because of you, you weak bastard. Sayonara."

~Ling to Jyunichi before killing him

Status: Deceased

Cause of Death: Ran over by Shogo Akujii

Ling Chun-Tsao was the Chinese Ex-Member of the Ronin. He was ranked Vice President of the red light district charter in the 3rd street Saints. He has a dark history with Jyunichi.

Season 1

He is seen being assigned to fight the Ronin, along with Gat and Kozik. He then goes outside and rides away on his motorcycle.

Season 2

He is in the Red light charter clubhouse, with president Johhny Gat and Lieutenant Pierce Washington, Discussing a plan to rob a casino owned by the ronin. Ling, Johhny and Kozik.