Life Free or Die a Saint 3.0 is the third and final part in the series. It follows the Recruit when he is set up for a murder and finds himself up against expert hacker Matt Miller, who is out for revenge after the death of his boyfriend Killbane.

Unlike the previous two installments, LFoDaS 3.0 takes liberties with the Saints Row canon by following an alternative timeline in which Matt Miller continues as an enemy of the Saints, rather than join MI6 as depicted in Saints Row IV.

Confirmed Cast

  • Recruit
  • Kinzie Kensington - FBI Agent and previous Saints member, Kinzie assists the Recruit on taking down Matt Miller.
  • Matt Miller - the main antagonist of the story, Matt Miller is out for revenge for Killbane's demise by setting up the Recruit for a murder he didn't commit. The character's actions are loosely based off Simon Gruber and Thomas Gabriel, two antagonists from the Die Hard series.