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The Mad Hatter is a delusional psychopath who takes control of Simulation 31 after Zinyak's death and traps the 3rd Street Saints in his very own "Wonderland".



A meek scientist named Jervis was an employee at the Ultor Corporation. His high intelligence attracted the attention of Zinyak, so during his attack on earth he abducted Jervis. But upon realising he was in fact a delusional schizophrenic with an unhealthy obsession with Alice in Wonderland, primarily one of the main characters Mad Hatter, he had him placed in his own simulation which was a nightmarish version of Alice in Wonderland. Jervis took up the role of Mad Hatter in the simulation, but kept witnessing Alice being executed by the Queen of Hearts which sent him deeper into insanity. Once the Zin Empire were defeated by the 3rd Street Saints, Jervis' mind was completely fractured and he believed himself to be the Mad Hatter. He then set himself out a goal to find Alice and 'rescue' her, despite her fictional status.

Mad Hatter became obsessed with the 3rd Street Saints and believing they were Alice's abductors, plotted to take them down. Gathering henchmen whom he named the March Hare, Cheshire Cat and White Rabbit, he broke into a Zin simulation control room and began to create his own simulation based off Alice in Wonderland. Mad Hatter began obsessing over Shaundi, believing her as a reincarnation of Alice.

Saints in Wonderland

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Mad Hatter is a slim man, who wears a green trenchcoat, dark red tie and has a green top hat on his head with a black brim around it. He is in his 30s already older looking due to stress, and has ginger hair as well as a trimmed ginger mustache.



  • He is derived from the character Jervis Tetch/Mad Matter, a supervillain and part of Batman's rogues gallery, who he himself is taken from the character from Lewis Carol's book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.