The "Original Timeline" refers to the events of the "original" Saints Row games, going from Saints Row to Saints Row: Gat out of Hell. The event is wiped when Princess Johnny has the universe retconned to help restore Real Earth.

In the original timeline, Benjamin King forms the Vice Kings and boyfriend Julius Little goes onto found the 3rd Street Saints. With the help of Bob Wilson, the Saints go from a small time street gang to a media empire, then a government to rulers of the universe. During this journey, many people perish, with the body count ranking up to seven billion+ when Zinyak destroys the earth.

Along those events, Mr. Sinister forms his gang known as the Sinister Three along with Sentient Jack. Also Veteran Child becomes a Duck Face and it turns out that Fake Earth was the true earth destroyed, therefore wiping this universe from existent was meanginless. Fuck you god.