Pyro Saints Row 3

Pyro is a freelance criminal who operates in the city of Steelport as an arsonist, mainly targeting criminals and their operations.


Prior to becoming Pyro, a young woman was trapped in a burning building when her corrupt landlord had it set on fire as part of an insurance scam. She was badly burned, and her larynx badly damaged. She took part in voluntary experiments at the Ultor Clinical Trials to try and help her damaged tissue, but an accident caused mutation, making her resistant to fire. Although Ultor attempted to keep her in quarantine, she managed to escape and went into hiding.

Wanting revenge on her corrupt landlord - who managed to get off with the scam, she donned a suit and gas mask, and called herself "Pyro". While her landlord was alone in is house, she took a flamethrower and burned it to the ground.

Not settled for just killing her crooked landlord, Pyro decided upon herself to destroy other criminal strongholds across the city, feeling nothing but rage towards the criminals of the city. Her arson attacks earned her the name "Pyro of Steelport" in the news.


  • Pyro originates from Valve's game Team Fortress 2. A mask of the character - along with other playable characters from the game - was released as an exclusive DLC to the PC version of Saints Row: The Third.
  • Pyro drives a fire engine, fitted with a specialised flamethrower (rather than water cannon). In order to add insult to injury, she creates a small fire at a criminal stronghold, gets her fire truck to give the occupants hope of saving, only to burn the building down with her super-flamethrower.