The Recruit LFDS
The Recruit as he appears in the promo.








Saints Row: Live Free or Die a Saint


Unnamed wife (separated)
Unnamed daughter
Unnamed son

The Recruit is the protagonist in Saints Row: Live Free or Die a Saint and an officer for the Stilwater Police Department.


Live Free or Die a Saint

On Christmas Eve in Stilwater, the Recruit must save his wife along with other civilians who are taken hostage by terrorists at the Phillips Building.

Live Free or Die a Saint 2

A year after the events of the Phillips Hostage Crisis, the Recruit is sent to the Stilwater International Airport to help police transport a prisoner, Killbane who is being flown in. However Luchadores still loyal to Killbane take the whole airport hostage awaiting to release Killbane. The Recruit finds himself up against the Luchadores and on a path to prevent Killbane once again escaping.

Live Free or Die a Saint 3.0

Several months later, the Recruit is in mild depression and falling into alcoholism after separation for his wife. As if things aren't bad enough he finds himself pitted against the SPD when he is set up for a murder. The whole city is put on lockdown by hacker Matt Miller who begins to play a game of cat and mouse with the Recruit. Recruit teams up with Matt Miller's nemesis Kinzie Kensington to find Matt and stop his schemes.


  • He is based off John McClane (played by Bruce Willis) from the Die Hard series.