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Space Elf





Cause of Death

Eaten by mutated Dinosaur.
Executed by being shot in the head.


Saints Row In Dino Crisis (2015)


3rd Street Saints


Barrett M82


Former experiment
Saints Assistant


The Boss - Boyfriend/Girlfriend (Determinant)
David - Lover (Determinant)
Possible Unborn Child (Determinant)

Rinvana is a major character in spin off title Saints Row In Dino Crisis. She was captured from her home planet by the crazed adventurer and had been experimented on by him for over a year. It is unknown what home planet she came from. She can optionally get into a relationship with The Boss.


Saints Row In Dino Crisis

When The Boss reaches the chambers of the crazed scientist he/she enters his secret laboratory and finds Rinvana in a deep slumber inside of a containment chamber. The Boss releases her from her slumber and breaks her out of her containment. Rinvana becomes confused as to where she is and asks The Boss who he/she is, The Boss can choose to be kind and calm to her or he/she can be aggressive and ordering towards her. Rinvana joins The Boss and follows him/her back to the Saints HQ in hopes of reaching back to her home world and understanding what is happening.

Upon arriving at the Saints HQ, she is taken by other saint lieutenants and is interrogated. It is revealed that Rinvana is not that of a experiment creation but is a different species from another planet in space (which planet though is unknown) and she worked as a government agent, however she was captured by an unknown figure when dragon like creatures attacked her home planet. She offers the Saints her assistance to stop the creatures invading their planet in return that she may find a way back to her own. The Saints accept and she is led by Pierce on a tour around the area and bring her up to speed as to what is going on after learning that she had been held in experimentation for over a year.

Rinvana is given training by the saints, during her training she uses her skills that she received back on her home planet, showing and impressing the saints and proving that she may not need much training at all. During her target practice, Rinvana is not aware of the weapons use, but after some training she gets the hang of them, she picks out her favourite to be a sniper rifle, in which she keeps a Barrett M82 with her at all times as she "loves" the weapon.

During the battle as The Boss and other saints are trying to reach the source of stopping the Dinosaurs and other creatures from attacking and reaching the person who caused it all. Back at base they receive a call from the those on the battlefield to come and assist, Rinvana assists in this and helps in the battlefield and snipes the enemies that get in the way of The Boss, thus covering him/her.

While The Boss is heading to the extraction point, he/she recieves word from Rinvana that she is trapped and cornered by a mutated dinosaur and cannot escape unless she has assistance. The Boss can choose to leave her or go and rescue her.

If The Boss chooses to leave, Rinvana will not be heard from until the final battle of the game, in which The Boss can find a final recording of her in the crazed adventurers chambers, revealing that he found her, saved her from the mutated dinosaur and captured her, the recording shows the crazed adventurer torturing Rinvana in order to find out what she had told the saints and what they know of, after refusing countless times to reveal what had told them, she is executed on the spot.

If The Boss chooses to go back and rescue her, they will have to shoot through multiple enemies until reaching the tyrant that corners Rinvana. If The Boss moves while the Dinosaur has him/her in it's sights, Rinvana will panic and try to run off but will be caught and swallowed whole and will lead The Boss either having to kill the tyrant or try to escape. In order to save Rinvana, The Boss needs to reach her without being spotted by the dinosaur, after which, The Boss needs to reach the exit while guiding her, if they get spotted, Rinvana will die by being swallowed by the dinosaur. If the two successfully escape unspotted, Rinvana will continue on to be a companion with the saints and will appear in further more missions and her optional romance can be continued.

Upon returning to the Saints HQ, Rinvana is complimented by her skills of entering the battle and using a sniper rifle. She is offered a tattoo from David on the condition that she sleeps with him. The Boss can encounter her about the subject, Rinvana is greatful for The Boss's rescue and promises that she will aid the Saints with her life as payment. If The Boss is romancing Rinvana, she will kiss them before they leave.

If The Boss sided with Rinvana at least four times through out the story when it comes to siding with certain characters and many other options, Rinvana will visit The Boss's quarters before the final battle to keep him/her company. The Boss can optionally have sex with her for "good luck" (no matter the characters gender is, The Boss can still have sex with Rinvana). However, if The Boss is in a close relationship with one of the male characters and sided with Rinvana four times atleast, Rinvana will visit the two and can have a threesome.

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Rinvana by The Boss's side.

After the battle ended, Rinvana decides to settle down on earth. What goes on with her lifestyle is determined on what the player did.

If she had romanced and had sex with only The Boss, then she goes to live on her own in hopes of finding research in order to get back to her home planet.

If she had a threesome with The Boss or was rejected sex from her when offered or simply did not romance him/her at all, reports in the military claim that Rinvana goes missing and has not been seen and claims to be MIA, so they go to do research on her origin to try and find sources of where she could have gone as they presume she left to find her home planet. It is soon revealed that she went into hiding with the help of David, where she plans to settle down with him and not have her existence revealed until the government locate her home planet. The two settle down in a hotel room and discuss what they should do and go, it then comes to the conclusion where the two begin to flirt with each other. When asking about each others relationship, Rinvana will mention any romance relation towards her and The Boss had throughout the game (for instance if The Boss kissed her when they got close she will say "Me and The Boss kissed... it wasn't my first though".), or if she did not romance whatsoever, she will mention her ex-boyfriend from her home planet. Out of pure shyness David gives in and asks Rinvana if she is a virgin, to which Rinvana will either say "yeah, my ex and I never really had it before we broke", "I othered The Boss sex but they rejected me, I felt so upset" or "The Boss and I... I liked them so much I decided to get into a threesome with them and their boyfriend", David will reveal he is indeed a virgin and the both decide to make love after a brief conversation. An uncensored sex scene commits and cuts to Rinvana and David getting their clothes back on and then finally kissing. Rinvana and David are then seen sat on the couch in the hotel where Rinvana asks if "the baby" will ever deal with parents of different species, which leads to the possibility that the two will have children and settle down more.


Rinvana is shown to be very calm and very patient. She is shown to have a large fear of being cornered as seen when she is trapped by the mutated dinosaur.


Rinvana being a space elf, shares fairly similar human features. Her eyebrows are seemingly shaved in certain areas, leaving only little bits of hair. Her right eye is glowing turquoise, while her left eye is glowing bright purple, this is known as heterochromia. She has very large huge breasts, as well as large buttocks.


Saints Row In Dino Crisis