Ronald Perod was an influential drug smuggler and the actual leader of the Homies. Upon hearing that his 2nd in command Galen Worthy was shot dead by Zimos he vowed vengance. He has his daughter Penelope seduce Zimos however Verona deducing the fact she was sent by her father knocks her out. Upon hearing his plan failed he sends one of his other hencmhen Donte to kidnap Donnie. Donte then kidnaps Donnie and proceeds to drive him all the way across town to a gentlemans club owed by Ronald. Verona Rodriguez Shaundi and Gat proceed to travel all the way across town to the Honk Once gentlemans club where Ronald and Penelope armed with Gal 43s proceed to shoot however Johnny goes upstairs and purposely causes the bath tub to overflow and it falls on Ronald and Penelope crushing them to death. It was later revealed by Josh Birk that he was responsible for his near death experience. He drove a blue Saleen S7.