Saints Row:Fear Da Row is an  installment of the game scheduled for release on May 26th 2015. It takes place back in stillwater In 2017. The protagonist is the leader of the Saints and with his liutenants Pierce Shaundi and Johnny Gat along with their trusty hackers Matt Miller and Kenzie Kensington and their bodyguard Benjamin King try to dodge the wrath of Roxie Coleman and her insane hippies who have put a price on the Saints head. Josh Birk Viola Oleg Zimos and Angel will also be their to help you. Keith David also appears as an actor and hired henchman of the Saints.


3rd Street Saints

Matt Miller[Not an MI6 member]

Kenzie Kensington

Angel De La Muerte

Benjamin King

Josh Birk 

Johnny Gat



Legal Lee

Keith David

Viola Dewynter

Oleg Kirrlov



Eastside Rollerz

Daisuke Miyama

Toshi Morimoto

Reiko Hasashi

Ken Gishi

Fumiko Akiyashi

Kioshi Suzuki

Gan Shibata

Goh Arigami

Tetsuya Mayama

Mokuya Mayama

Red Dragon Triad

Shi Yan Lee

Ki Yang

Feng Lei

Arthur Wong

Lei Yang

Kai Cheng

Sai Lung

Dai Dai Wang

Wu Zi Lee

Lei Teng

The Commune

Roxie Coleman

Peaceful Meadows[Not her real name]

Leo Falconer

Aron Miller

Rodney Rollins

Seth Abernathy

Mei Ling

Arnold Del Rio

Jerry Hunnam


Jerry Roller

Tamika Lawler