Saints Row: Fight Club is a spin-off arcade game in the Saints Row series and is based off the popular activity of the same name. It will be available on the Xbox Live Marketplace, Playstation Network and Steam in 2016.


The game will take place across different chapters in different locations (some that may be familiar to long-term Saints Row players) such as in Stilwater, Steelport and other unnamed cities. The player's character can be customized. The game features a single player story (making up 15 missions), a multiplayer component as players can fight to score points for the leaderboard and buy upgrades and customization options for their character, and a basic training/semi-free roam in which the player can select a location and pick the difficulty in which to brawl and fight, and how many to go up against. More chapters for the "Free Play" will unlock as the player progresses the story.



  • Chinatown
  • Sunnyvale
  • Saint's Row


To be added.


  • Basketball Court
  • Sodomy Valley
  • Elementary School
  • Subway