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PC, Mac, Xbox Series X, Playstation 5

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Saints Row 5: Return to the Row is the fifth main Installment of the Saints Row franchise, and acts as a reboot to the series.


Volition have been asked numerous times about the possibility of a Saints Row 5 after the release of Saints Row IV. They have said countless times that the fourth game would be a conclusion to that main character's story arc, and the new one will most likely be a new direction in the franchise.

The fifth game was then revealed to being a bigger open world sandbox, and a life simulation type game in the same style as The Sims series.

On the 18th December 2013 actor Jay Mohr announced on his twitter that he was doing some voice over work at Volition for a new Saints Row game. In January 2014, Volition confirmed Jay's tweet, and announced that they were working on the new sequel to the Saints Row Franchise, and that Dane Vogel would be making a comeback in some capacity.

Later a trailer for Saints Row V: Return to the Row came up on Volition's Youtube account a month later. After this they announced the plot on Twitter officially, and that it would take place after Saints Row 1 and follow a brand new storyline in an alternative timeline, and in order to bring 'old fans' back to the glory days of Stilwater and the original style of the series.

Plot and details

The story follows in the shoes of a new protagonist named The Bum, a homeless man who is caught up in a turf war by the 3rd Street Saints and a new group of gangs trying to make their mark on the streets of Stilwater. After saving the lives of Saints members Pierce Washington and Shaundi, Bum is inducted into the gang by the Boss and becomes a lieutenant in the 3rd Street Saints.

The game acts as a reboot to the Saints Row franchise, although incorporates elements from all four previous games as well as Easter Eggs.


  • The Bum: The main player character of the game.
  • The Boss: The Leader of the 3rd Street Saints, who becomes the mentor to the Bum.
  • Johnny Gat: Long-serving member of the 3rd Street Saints
  • Pierce Washington: One of the Boss' loyal lieutenants.
  • Shaundi: One of the Boss' loyal lieutenants
  • Dexter Jackson: The chairman of the Ultor Corporation, who was a former 3rd Street Saints member who defected during a previous gang war.
  • Troy Bradshaw: The chief of police who is on the 3rd Street Saints' payroll.
  • Donnie: A mechanic for the 3rd Street Saints, who will provide the player with side quests which will unlock discounts on car customisation.


The new Stilwater

The game will take place in both Stilwater and Steelport respectfully. During the course of the game, the city of Stilwater was slowly begin to change due to Richard Hughes development plans. If the player saves up enough money to buy properties and businesses, they will be able to upgrade buildings similarly to the stronghold customization in Saints Row 3.


Stilwater will be the first playable area, and Steelport will be unlocked later on. The player can use trains, buses, taxies or airplanes to travel between each city. Small towns will be introduced and so will a countryside.

Abilities and features

  • The player can buy food and drink and drugs and get super powers . Like Saints Row 4, drugs decrease damage by bullets and alcohol beverages will make the character stronger in fights.
  • Cash can be earned anyway possible, and all varies depending on the job. Whatever job you take, the player has the option to be promoted and rise the ranks. For example if you do join a gang, you will start off as an enforcer, and rise to the position of the boss.
  • Buying property will still be included, and large office complexes can be purchased and hotels. Unlike Saints Row 3, these places can be explored by the player, and if you make enough money they can be done up. Cribs can also be decorated to your hearts desire, with choices of wallpaper and floor colours. You can also purchase items for your cribs to freshen it up.
  • You can buy the massive retailers and stores in Stilwater just like in the previous games such as Image as Designed, Friendly Fire, and much others. You can also pay more for promotions to attract more people to your stores and increase the income you will earn. But don't overspend and risk losing your business to a wealthy competitor.
  • Become a bum and walk the mean streets trying to survive. Scrape together money for drug fixes and booze and defend yourself against sadistic gangs walking Stilwater and filthy sex offenders. You will live in an underground shanty town "crib" and can do up your home with some new added cardboard boxes which can be found and collected around the city.
  • Robbing stores options is back. IF you are a petty thief looking for cash, just break into a store at night while its closed, crack the safe and get it to the pawn dealer for some easy cash.
  • Massive varieties of Cribs. From a shanty house, to a small run down apartment, or if leading a wealthy lifestyle a penthouse apartment.
  • The Player can recruit characters from Saints Row in order to join their team. These characters can be found around Stilwater and once completing certain types of missions for that said character, they will be unlocked as a homie and the player will have the ability of involving them in main story missions. Confirmed potential homie unlockables include Tobias, Luz and Donnie.

Downloadable Content & Sequel

Voltion confirmed that Saints Row V would be the beginning of a 'new era' for the Saints Row franchise and that they have a lot of 'exciting' things in store for their fans.

An additional story DLC titled Saints Wars takes place in the distant future in a futuristic/cyber Stilwater following Saints Row IV. In this DLC the player takes control of Mia Price who is a resistance leader with her goals in taking down the Saints Government. This storyline doesn't follow Saints Row V and its own thing.