Saints Row: Rise of the Elite is a somewhat of a prequel to Saints Row: Tales of the Saints Strumpet and Saints Row the Third as it explores the story of Victor Charlie from his early days as a soldier to Mercenary for hire then to founder and Commander of the Elite Mercenaries.


The first few missions of the game will take place in unnamed location where Victor leads a squad of marines to investigate suspicious activity but are captured. Being in a prisoner for a year Victor manages to escape but not with getting his revenge. Soon after he kills every body in the base then he burns it the guard as rescuers come for him. He became a legend. Then 7 years later the player play through Victors life as a Mercenary In a unnamed city. Then after some missions Victor will receive a phone call to have a meeting the city of Steelport. Phillipe Loren leader of the Syndicate will pay you to help the Syndicate take over Steelport. Working with other Mercenaries you will eliminate gang leaders and Lieutenants. Then in some point in the story Victor and the Mercenaries form the Elite Mercenaries


The game will feature activities such as

  • Escorts
  • Assassinations
  • Gang Operations
  • Defend and Serve
  • Fight Club
  • Shooting range


Mention Only


  • This is one of the few games where Bob Wilson is not playable or featured.
  • This game has some activities based off the cancelled game Saints Row: Moneyshot.
  • This is one of the few games that the Saints them selves don't appear in.