Some ideas for new gangs, in generic terms:

1:Bodygaurds gang style split up into the guys that look like the masakos in a different style maybe Private Army.

2:All DLC outfits and vehicles from Saints Row 2 DLC.

3:New Gang style that are american soldiers.

4:New weapons,New Vehicles,New gangs,New gang style.

Gang Styles

Bodygaurds split up so the ones that look like the Masakos are a seperate style.

A style that makes your gang look like american soldiers.


Dual Swords like Jyunichi's.

More Sniper Rifles.

Faster fire rate for dual wielding Pistols other than the Kobra.


A Tank like an M1 Abrams that is used by Ultor Masakos and maybe your Army style gang(as a gang vehicle).


New Clothing such as Sniper Ghillie Suits,Military Clothes and possibly Assassins Creed Style Clothes.