Saints Row 4: Aliens, Space and Dex was a proposed plot for Saints Row IV.


Many years before Saints Row 1, The Protagonist is revealed to be an alien shapeshifter. In a distant planet, his parents manage to teleport him away to planet earth to escape from alien warlord Zinyak. The boss takes on the appearance of a human. It is revealed he is able to change shape using image as designed, but advances throughout the first few games, able to change sex plus skin colour. He had joined the saints hoping to become controller of earth and the biggest bad ass ever.

2017, one year after Saints Row. He is now in a sexual relationship with Jenny from Gangstas in Space who reminds the boss of his home people. Shaundi is dead, so is Viola, Johnny, Pierce gave up the saints for full time work in office. The Saints become a dying name, as people have moved on from them to other things. The Boss is at his weakest.

Meanwhile Zinyak, who has teamed up with ex-head of security of Ultor Dexter Jackson, decides to target the earth and the boss at his weakest. It is revealed that Dex had faked his own death shortly after escaping Stilwater, and had managed to make contact with the alien warlord and began working for him.

They kidnap the boss and place him into a new city on his home planet. Back on earth, we also get to play a new Saints member, who tries to find a way of rescuing the boss. Troy Bradshaw, now an Agent, helps them to track the boss.