(Three years after the events in Saints Row: The Third....) *NOTE* These are not real ideas to be put in the game, It's just i'm expressing my creativity. This is still is being developed..... -BETA- *SOME CHANGES MAY BE APPLIED*

  • Changes will be applied, so don't assume some mistakes..... Changes are to come*
  • If you are using this for specific reasons, give credit. Permission is granted.

Saints Row 4

Three years after the events of Saints Row: The Third, things that took place such as Shaundi, Killbane and Johnny's death wasn't what you expected. The Gat is back, Shaundi is sexier than ever and so is Kinzie. But, trouble still lurks as Dex, who betrayed the Saints returns and Matt Miller is back and teams up with Dex to form a new Syndicate. While three new gangs are out there, the metropoils of the Saints Row world is in grave danger and fortune is not going to bail you out this time. From having sex and having a family, to slitting throats and shooting up neighborhoods, you'll do whatever it takes to take back what you own. With the help of your soliders, you can teach anyone who crosses you a lesson. Well, have fun taking back what you own.... It's your power.... You own everything.

Tagline 1: Fame. Respect. Fortune. Publicity. Reputation.

Tagline 2: Five Gangs, Four Cities, One Syndicate.

Tagline 3: The Saints Are Bigger And Badass Than Ever.

Tagline 4: The Metropoils of all four cities is yours.

Tagline 5: The Gat Is Back!

Tagline 6: Well, Have Fun Taking Back What You Own.

?Changes In Steelport?

The Saints are now back in buisness. They got the wealth, reputation, power and the publicity. The Saints has re-innovated Steelport and got a highway to get built to link Carvport, Steelport and Stilwater.Steelport has changed drastically over the last three years. Steelport has grown by 72%. More skyscrapers has been built, Loren Square and other various parts of the Downtown has been re-built. The transit system of Steelport is back in buisness, also with a taxi cab service and subway tracks has been built. The Syndicate Tower has been torn down and a bigger skyscraper has been built, called the Saints Tower. The neighborhoods in Arapice Island has been torn down and the smog surronding it has been cleared out to build a newly invoated neighborhood called Temple Island with a lot of good rescources such as a big mall, a college, some newly built houses and a amusement park. Loren Square has a new name as is referred to Saints Square. Steelport's Red Light District has been rebuilt also with a plentiful of shops and stores located there. The bridges has been lowered down and 4 new squares has been put on the map:

  • Dincino Square- A city with 23 skyscrapers circling around it with three boat docks. Also with plentiful shops and stores, also a center piece of buisness and has a two connecting towers with a sky bridge, called Vipaliando Towers.
  • Faithful Square- A city with 5 high rise office buildings, including a car showroom and a clothing mall with various new clothing stores like Model's Best Friend (a clothing store with designer's clothes), Syndicate Style (a clothing store which sells clothes from all 3 well, 4 old gangs in Saints Row: The Third (Deckers, Luchadores and Morning Star, and let's not forget STAG). Also, fast food places are all over Steelport. Also, it has apartments and strongholds you can buy for a small price.
  • Spileburg Square- A city with 15 buildings that top to half of the size of the Saints Tower. This also has a variety of stores and shops, including a public swimming pool, a police station, a courthouse, a hospital, a pooling alley and a casino. Let's not forget a bowling alley...
  • New Factories Square- A city with various things, with 10 high rise buildings, including a nuclear barrel factory and the factory from where all the Saints stuff is processed, such as their energy drinks, clothing, etc.

Also, the remains on Magarac Island has been cleaned up and that's itself has been expanded by 20%. A new statue was built with the Saints logo and it beacons Magarac Island with a purple auora at night. Up north from Burns Hill, a beach has been placed there. Also the name has changed from Magarac Island to Saints Island.

Steelport has now a much tolerable climate and another island has been built southwest of Saints Square with 10 high rise office buildings called Syndicate Square. Streets in Steelport has been re-consturcted and three bridges and 3 highways has been built to connect all of Steelport-Stilwater. Steelport also has a prision and other recreational stuff. Stilwater has been expanded a little bit.

?Changes In Stilwater?

Stilwater itself has been expanded by 62%. More high rise office buildings has been built, similar to a look in Steelport in Saints Row: The Third. Philips Building has been extended to 150 floors and three new islands, two new districts, and two new squares has been added:

  • MornDecker Island: A island that is dedicated to the Morning Star and Deckers, who has merged. 5 high rise office buildings surround it and in the dead middle, it has a statue of Philipe Loren, who was killed by the Saints in Saints Row: The Third.
  • Java Island: A island that is off the coast of Stilwater and it's the hugest island in the metropolis of all the four cities and it has a beach and a desert.
  • Joyful Island: Similar to Liberty Island, it has a statue of a young woman with a book in her hand and a feather pen tucked inside.
  • Ameria Carvstone Square: A square with a big mall, 27 tall buildings and some suburb houses.
  • Ferra Square: A square with 32 high rise buildings and a variety of shops and stores.
  • New England District: A district with lots of highways and water cabs.
  • Emmett District: A downtown area by the Stilwater Peniteary with 27 high rise buildings, like a backstreet in New York.

?New Clothing Stores?

Well, just like any other game, you can't forget clothing, right? Okay, I thought of plentiful of new stores:

  • Let's Pretend, Planet Saints, Nobody Loves Me and Leather & Lace has been upgraded with lots of new clothing.
  • Model's Best Friend (as i described earlier) sells designer clothes. You cannot buy certain clothing until you process more in the game.
  • Syndicate Style (as i described earlier) sells clothes that the Morning Star, Deckers, Luchadores and STAG worn. There are also custom styles of clothing, but that's locked until you process in the game.
  • Dildo n' Mildo is a clothing stores that sells sex oufits and explicit clothing with naked women or men on it. You cannot buy ceritan clothing until you process in the game.
  • Buisnesswan is a clothing store that sells dress clothes like suits, tuxedos, dresses, and dress clothes. All options are unlocked in the beginning of the game.
  • Sportsfanaic is a clothing store that sells sportswear and sports-sneakers and etc. You can also make your own shoes, but only in this store and that's not unlocked until you process in the game.
  • CustomU is a clothing store in which you have a little toolbox in which you can make your own clothing like shorts, socks, bra, wife beater, etc. But you cannot make shoes.
  • Genki's Nest is a clothing store that sells Professor Genki rares, but not unlocked into you have beaten the game. If you try and go there in any location while you havent beat the game, two men will be standing in front, pushing you to the ground if you try to enter and will say: Ma'am/Sir, this place is under "new tenants" which means that it's under development. You can kill them, but you will be re-spawned to the other side of the street and preventing you from entering you beat the game.
  • 80's Blend is a clothing store that sells 80's themed clothing. All options are unlocked.
  • Emo's Candlebra is a clothing store that sells goth/emo clothing. Nobody Loves Me dosen't sell these types of clothing anymore.
  • Trashy Style is a clothing store that sells baggy clothing and other stuff that hobos wear.
  • Hardcore XX is a clothing store that sells extreme clothing.

?A whole new system of the Character Creation?

The Character Creation System itself has been re-done. The pixelation for nudity has been removed for both women and men, allowing more creations. There is also a new feature where you can save a created character in a gallery called Created Characters and you can choose to play as that selected character by accesing "Customized Characters" in a Saints Crib.

The new features in customization:

Body Features

  • Gender
  • Race of Orgin (African-American, Caucusian, Hispanic, English, Asian, Mexician, German, Canadian, Arabian, Japanese, Chinese, Jamician, African, Indian, Greek)
  • Body Style (Average, Strong, Fat, Brute, Skinny, Broom-stick, Featherweight, Heavyweight, Obese)
  • Skin Style
  • Body Mask (Farmer Tan, Bikini Tan(Female only), Thong Tan(Female only), Leg Tan, Breifs Tan(Male only), Wife Beater Tan(Male only)
  • Age 0-100
  • Sex appeal (Breasts) 0-100 (Female only)
  • Sex appeal 2 (Butt) 0-100 (Female only)
  • Sex appeal (Anus) 0-100 (Male only)
  • Sex appeal 2 (Testicals) 0-100 (Male only)
  • Nipple style (Female only)
  • Nipple style 2 (Male only)
  • Pubichair 0-100
  • Cameltoe (women) 0-37
  • Cleavage Depth (women)1-56
  • Nipple Style

Face Features

  • Facial Features
  • Crown (Skull top Width/Height, Skull back Depth/Width, Neck back Depth/Width)
  • Forehead style (Depth/Width)
  • Eyebrow style (Spacing/Depth/Width)
  • Eye style (Spacing/Depth/Height/Size, Eye folds height, Upper/Lower eyelid height, Iris size, Eye style)
  • Eye Coloring (32 options)
  • Ear style (Spacing/Depth/Width/Length/Height/ Elevation/Angle/Openness/Roll, Lobe Height/Size, Tip Spacing)
  • Cheekbone Style (Temple Spacing/Depth/Width, Cheekbone Spacing/Depth/Height/Size, Cheek Spacing/Depth/Height, Jowl Spacing/Depth/Height)
  • Nose style (Bridge Depth/Height/Width, Nose Depth/Elevation, Slope Depth/Height/Width, Tip Depth/Elevation/Width/Height, Nostril Spacing/Depth/Elevation/Width/Height, Septum Height/Width)
  • Mouth style (Mouth Depth/Elevation/Width, Lip Upper/Lower Middle/Side Height/Size, Mouth Side Depth)
  • Chin style (Chin Depth/Elevation/Width/Height, Double Chin Depth/Width/Height)
  • Jaw style (Jaw Spacing/Depth/Height)

Hair Features

  • Hair style
  • Facial hair
  • Eyebrows
  • Eyelashes
  • Hair accesory color

Makeup Features

  • Eyeliner
  • Eyeshadow
  • Face makeup
  • Cheeks
  • Lips

Personality Features


?New Weapons?

Saints Row 4 weapons

  • .367 Calibur Sheperd G6-Handgun
  • GeForce P90 616 Series-Assualt Rifle
  • Cobusten Assualt Rifle .457-Assualt Rifle
  • Magnus 316 Pistol-Handgun
  • Barrel Sickel Shotgun-Shotgun
  • Soul Calibur .357-Handgun
  • Java Double Barrel-Shotgun
  • Daldeaus Incernirator-Special
  • Dominatrix Gun- Handgun
  • Brass Knuckles-Melee
  • Nailed Bat-Melee
  • P62 Machine Gun-Special
  • Maine Viper Clip-Shotgun
  • Samurai Sword-Melee
  • Super Satchel Charges-Explosives
  • Laser AK-47-Assualt Rifle
  • Super Apocafists-Melee
  • Vadim Vador Launcher-Special
  • Super Penetrator- Melee
  • Dildo Zapper-Special
  • Vazim Vapor 6146-SMG
  • Vulv390-SMG
  • Nudijava Sawwer-SMG
  • Electric Sword-Melee
  • Atomic Bomb-Explosives
  • FREAKING SUPERPOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Returning weapons from Saints Row 3

  • Penetrator-Melee
  • D4TH Blossom-SMG
  • Cyber Blaster-Special
  • Nocturne-Melee
  • RC Posessor-Special
  • 45 Sheperd-Handgun
  • KA-1 Kobra-Handgun
  • Annhilator-Special
  • Viper Laser Rifle-Assualt Rifle
  • Woodsman-Meelee
  • Baseball Bat-Melee
  • Stun Gun- Melee
  • Tek Z-10-SMG
  • K-8 Krukov-Assualt Rifle
  • Fart In A Jar-Explosives
  • Flashbangs-Explosives
  • Grenades-Explosives
  • Electric Grenades-Explosives
  • Molotov Cocktails-Explosives
  • Sonic Boom-Special

?New Features/Options?

You can now dual wield any type of weapon without no abilites. All you have to do is complete 15 missions to dual-wield weapons. You can also go naked without no pixelation and animals and kids are in Saints Row 4 for the first time in history. You can also have sex and meet your soulmate and Whored Mode never been better. You can import any in-game characters from your created characters gallery or import a current character and you get to design your own whored mode stages and emenies with over 200 pre-loaded customations. Also, CO-OP gameplay and online gameplay never been better. I don't have any ideas for online gameplay yet or co-op, as this is still under development. There are more cutscenes and better graphics than SR3. Also, you don't have to purchase abilites with money anymore. There is a new thing called Ability Points. You gain them from killing people and beating missions, you can even get them if you level up in respect. I havent not made a abilites list yet, but that will come over time...... But, there are more options out there.... You can import your SR3 Character to Saints Row 4. The day-night system returns (in-game time in refrence to special events). You can also customize Saints Cribs and Stronghold Customaztion never been better. Also, there is more blood and gore and a lot more options. You can also get hospitalized and get arrested. You can also customize Steelport, Stilwater, and Carvport with lots of tall buildings and customize your own buildings. Also, there are seasons and it rain, snow, lots of sun, etc. And also you can customize cribs. There is a fourth city called Blackport, but there is no highway that links to it, requiring you to get there by boat or plane. The game is like a newer version of Saints Row 2.

?The Story?

Now, you probably want some missions, right? Ok, I will put some missions, but more options and sh*t is coming later.

Create a character: After 5 minutes in a cutscene that can't be skipped about the new Steelport, you get to create your character.

Act 1 Missions (15 missions)

(NOTE): People will call you to come do missions, the mission thing on your phone is on lock because people call you up for missions in this act.

Mission 1: A Unexpected Return

After three years of getting Steelport on track, Saints finally succeded and all gang operations were released from the city, and police force was modded a bit. At the Saints Tower, it is you (The Protagnist), Oleg and Pierce who are playing chess and The Protagnist is getting ready to go to Speilburg Square for an important speech for the new city of Steelport that is under new management. Pierce says: "Look at the new boss of the city, Hehe!" And then the Protagnist reply: "Yep, this city finally done from suffering in the dick looking hands of STAG and Morning Star." Then The Protaginst, Pierce and Oleg chat about how they are going to improve and run the city some more and Pierce offers to drive you to the courthouse and he brings along the Criminal so Oleg can go with you for protection. (There is also a banging soundtrack on the game.) Pierce turns on Bille Jean by Michael Jackson and The Protganist and Pierce and Oleg sings to the song while on the way to the courthouse.

OBJECTIVE: Get To Spielburg Square at the Courthouse.

Once you arrive there, the janitorial workers at the courthouse gives The Protganist compliments and over 50,000 people are standing in front of the courthouse waiting for you to stand on the podium.

Cutscene 1: You stand up on the podium speaking to the people how Steelport used to be three years ago, and you explain how Steelport has really changed and made things for the better. As you say how much killing you had to do to get Steelport and make it our own (Saints), you also say that the people made it their own also. Just before you were about to say the last word, a black and red car pulls up with tinted windows and a gun sticking out, firing bullets and causing chaos. The Protganist is almost shot, but Pierce got in the way at the right time and he took a bullet to the stomach and you have a time limit to stop the car and take Pierce to the hospital before the car gets away and Pierce dies.

OBJECTIVE: Chase the suspicious car an get Pierce to a hospital.

You are chasing the car around Spielburg Square and soon as you get to the Saints Tower, the car ignites nitrous, making it almost possible for the car to get away. You have exactly 10 minutes and another 5 to chase the car down and take Pierce to get treated.for his gun wound. Soon as you get by Planet Saints in Saints Square, the car slows down from extreme damage because Oleg helped shoot the car.

Cutscene 2: Soon as the car stops, someone steps out, and it is your old pal Dex who came back for revenge, but he failed. Dex and The Protganist start arguing, trading harsh words and Oleg yells:"GOD DAMMIT! PIERCE IS GOING TO DIE!! GET HIM TO A HOSPITAL!!" You jet in the car and Dex gives a mischevious look. Oh yes..... I'm going to get revenge....

OBJECTIVE: Get Pierce to the hospital.

You have exactly 5 minutes to get Pierce to the hospital or he dies. While you are on the way, Pierce says all his secrets before he dies and the Protganist just keeps saying: "You wont die, don't worry, Pierce." If you get him to the hospital sucessfully, he wont die.

Cutscene 3: While Pierce is being carried in a room outback for treatment, Pierce says: "The saints still got it, baby".

You passed the mission, congrats.

REWARDS: $3,000, +5 respect, 5 Ability Points and you got the Saints Tower as a crib and the courthouse as a crib also.

Mission 2: My Engagement with Josh Birk

While you walk out the hospital, You get a phone call from Kinzie saying she wants to see how your holding up and you tell her Pierce has been shot and she says drop by her place in Brickston and she says she needs to talk with you.

OBJECTIVE: Drive to Kinzie's house.

So you steal a car and drive to Kinzie's place, which she moved to Brickston because they were doing construction work near her old hideout.

Cutscene 1: You go to look for Kinzie and you can hear moaning sounds from the bedroom by the 2nd bathroom. You open it up and she's having sex with Josh Birk. "OH MY GOD!!! YOU SERIOUS?" The protagnist blured out. Kinzie also had a major change in her outfit. She now wears a black tank-top with half of her chest showing and her breasts got bigger by 20%. She wears the same jeans but, she has on white tennis sneakers. Kinzie says: "What are you doing in here"? and The Protganist replies: "You told me to fucking come here!" Josh Birk says: "Should we stop?" Kinzie says to Josh Birk, we'll make love later..... And Kinzie puts her stuff on and her and The Protganist goes to the coffee table in the dining room to talk. Kinzie's freckles and gone and her hair is black and it's long. She talks about how she's getting married to Josh Birk and she wants you to go pick up a ring from Buisnesswan and bring it back to her and she will pay you for it. Sure, this is a shitty mission, but you enounter someone.

OBJECTIVE: Drive to Buisnesswan in New Baranec to get Kinzie's ring.

You get there sucessfully and after you pick up the ring, it goes to a cutscene.

Cutscene 2: You see a former STAG member, he informs you about how the Morning Star and Deckers are teaming up to bomb Stilwater and they merged together and made a new gang group, called MornDecker. Dex is running it and 3 new gangs are apart of the syndicate: Avenged Strongholders, Death's Wrath and Save Me.

OBJECTIVE: Deliver the ring back to Kinzie.

You go back to Kinzie's place and deliver the ring sucessfully and you tell her how you saw Kiki DeWynter and how the Deckers and Morning Star teamed up to form a new group along with others. And Kinzie exclaims how she's both a hacker and a fighter. She says she's going to have sex with Josh Birk more and she'll call you later. Hope she used a condom, lol.

You passed the mission, congrats.

REWARDS: $3,000, +7 respect, 5 Ability Points and Kinzie's house is a crib and Josh Birk and Kinzie are homies.

Mission 3: Bombing of Stilwater

While you call up Oleg, he wants you to meet him in the hospital in Pierce's room. He says there are some things he have to crack down and talk about to you.

OBJECTIVE: Drive to the hospital in Spielburg Square to meet up with Oleg and Pierce. As soon as you catch the elevator to Floor 50, go to Room 3601.

Cutscene 1: Soon as you get up to Pierce's room, Oleg says pull up a chair and sit. You ask Pierce how he's doing and he says: "Never been better... I get released in 4 days." You talk to Oleg and Pierce about what the former STAG member told you. You say: "The Deckers and Morning Star joined sides, they are gone try to bomb Stilwater". Pierce says he can't be released yet, so he checks out and says he'll take some painkillers to wash the pain off. Soon as Pierce is ready, you head out.

OBJECTIVE: Go to the Saints HQ in Saints Square to get some weapons.

Soon as you get to Saints HQ, you take the D4TH Blossom, Vadim Vador Launcher, Super Apoca-fists, K-8 Krukov, and the KA-1 Cobra. You must go to Header Lane Highway in Bridgeport because that's the highway that links Stilwater and Steelport.

OBJECTIVE: Go to Stilwater.

While on the way, you have the first encounter with Death's Wrath, Avenged Strongholders and Save Me who also teamed up with the Morning Star and Deckers. They are in helicopters, using rockets to try and kill you. Your in the Criminal, which has a health blip over the top of the roof. You have to play as Pierce and shoot down the helicopters while The Protganist is driving.

OBJECTIVE: Defend yourself.

After you shoot the helicopters down, the highway didn't suffer any damage, but some of the cars exploded and flipped over.

Cutscene 2: While taking the up-route on the Header Lane Highway, a MornDecker blows you off the road without warning, making you fall into the ocean. You don't die, but you must swim the way to Stilwater.

OBJECTIVE: Swim to Stilwater.

You are swimming there when you, Oleg and Pierce are talking about the events that just took place and what they are going to do about it. They don't land in Stilwater, they unexpectedly discover a new city called Carvport. It's way bigger than Stilwater and Steelport, and there are over 200 skyscrapers that pierce the clouds. But, the city is vacant and there is no power or no way to get home. While looking around with the new city, they need a lift to Stilwater and they call Kinzie to bring the chopper and a big one so Oleg can fit. While Kinzie brings Josh Birk and the chopper, they head for Stilwater to stop MornDecker. MornDecker are trying to bomb the Philips Building and they dug underground a couple months ago to set bombs down there.

Cutscene 3: The MornDecker HQ is located on a new part of Stilwater called MornDecker Island. That also has 5 high rise buildings including a statue of Philipe Loren. They fly there and kill the guards and ravage inside.

OBJECTIVE: Get to Floor 100.

The building you are in has 100 floors, so you must reach Floor 100 to deactivate the bombs. At first, Morning Star gang members in Decker's Styled clothes will try to fist fight you from Floors 1-15. You can use the Super Apoca-fists which will send them flying at great speed and they will explode before they touch the wall. The floors from 15-99 has guns. This is one of the longest missions in the game, so you may get lazy. Soon as you get to Floor 99, it's full of brutes with incerators, so you have to be careful. You get a unlimited supply of ammo, so you should be good to go. Soon as you reach Floor 100, there is a blip you walk in, then a cutscene.

Cutscene 3: While you are deactivating the bombs, Matt Miller steps in with a all new outfit and attitude, Since he was bitched three years ago, Matt Miller has became strong and psychotic. He has built a bit muscle, his hair is dyed black and red, he wears a short sleeve shirt with a big star on it and he wears baggy jeans with some hiking boots. The Protganist looks puzzled and confused because Matt Miller looks different and Matt says: "Well, Well.... Nice to see you again, bitch. Who's the bitch now? I am going to blow up your city! Super Brute, get this peasant! The Super Brute comes storming out, you can't attack him because he's over 12 feet tall and he'll send you driving into the wall, killing you.

OBJECTIVE: Run from the Super Brute.

The Super Brute is so big that the building shakes. So, you will be slowed down a bit. You will be sent down a long way of stairs until you can get to the First Floor. A blip will show up saying what floor you're on and how far you are from the brute. When you reach Floor 1, Oleg will assist you to try and wrestle with the brute, but Oleg is thrown into a wall at great force and knocked unconcious. Then, Pierce comes with a Saints Version of a Super Brute who is like Oleg. The two super brutes wrestle and you must play as the Saints Version of the Super Brute. The Super Brute is killed the Saints Version of the Super Brute by ripping it's heart out. The Protganist and Pierce tries to carry out Oleg, but he's too heavy. The Super Brute offers to carry him out and put him in the Criminal whilst he will go and shut the bomb down.

You passed the mission, congrats.

REWARDS: $30,000, +15 Respect, 10 Ability Points, Saints Super Brute is unlocked as a homie and a new city has been discovered... So.....

Mission 4: Shaundi's Alive?

Your mission now is that you and Pierce are going to Saints Island, so you get a boat and go to Saints Island. You and Pierce walks around to see if there any rubble from the debree three years ago.

Cutscene 1: You see something unexpected, by the 5th high rise office building on Saints Island. It is a heap dumpster of trash with someone's hand sticking out. You undig the object and it's Shaundi, wearing something different. Pierce gaps in panic and thinks it's his imagination. Shaundi's breasts are bigger by 40%, she still has her old hairstyle, wearing some black tennis sneakers and some jeans and a pink bra with no shirt.. You check her pulse---- SHE'S ALIVE.

OBJECTIVE: Take Shaundi To Steelport.

You decide to take the body to Steelport, so you must drive a boat there and soon as you hit Steelport, Pierce calls Josh Birk to bring a Neuron so they can drive to Saints Tower and check out Shaundi. Soon as Josh Birk sees Shaundi, he wanted to cry. "My old love, I missed you...." Josh Birk said. The Protganist replied: "You getting engaged and you trying to hit up on Shaundi... Kinzie's going to be mad.....". "NO! Don't tell her! She'll kick me in my private parts!". Josh Birk said. "Okay then, you're going with us." The Protganist replied.

OBJECTIVE: Drive to Saints Tower.

You, Josh Birk and Pierce talk about what's going on with everyone three years later. You guys get there and Josh Birk carries Shaundi like a baby and wraps her around his Nyte Blade Jacket. Pierce says: "Are you god-damn serious, carryin' that girl like that? Don't be satsified until she hits you right in your fucking nose". You take the elevator to the upper lobby...

CUTSCENE 2: Josh Birk laid Shaundi on the couch and Pierce turns on the tv to watch the basketball game. The Protganist and Josh Birk stays with Shaundi so she can be okay. Josh Birk wanted a kiss from Shaundi and soon as he stuck out his tounge.... HOOK! Birk falls to the floor, holding the side of his face. Shaundi wakes up and sees the Protagnist's face. "It' saved me...What happened? I was in a coma for three years..... Josh Birk was going to french kiss me???? You fucking Nyte Blade Bitch! Your engaged and you're trying to kiss me! People who are in comas can hear their surrondings! I'm telling Kinzie!" "WAIT NO! PLEASE DON'T TELL!!!! PLEASE! PLEASE! Ow, you punched me hard though." While The Protganist and Shaundi goes in the conference room to talk, she's asks, "What happened on Magarac Island? What is all this"? You explain how the Saints redone Steelport and how other things took place. Shaundi says she'll help out in making more change in Steelport.

You passed the mission, congrats.

REWARDS: $2000, +7 Respect, 10 Ability Points, Shaundi is now a homie.

Mission 5: Shaundi And Pierce Has Sex

After the fourth mission, a cutscene will go directly about how Pierce goes to check on Shaundi. Pierce says he loved Shaundi and she's the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. Shaundi says: "Aww, that's cute". Shaundi kisses Pierce and their love began. You can choose to play as Pierce or Shaundi. You can choose the actions you want to do with Pierce or Shaundi and simple as that.

Mission 6: Carvport, Here I Come

During Mission 3, You came upon a new city called Carvport, which is bigger than Steelport and Stilwater. You, Pierce and Shaundi decided to go there and get things to work. You head to the Header Lane Highway and go to Carvport and see what's going on. Soon as you arrive there, you encounter with Dex again, this time dropping molotov cocktails from a helicopter. Dex has a grammaphone and calls you dirty names and talk about stuff from the past. You want to go after Dex, so you hop in the car and you must play as Shaundi and fire rockets at his helicopter. The helicopter has a health blip over it. You shoot the helicopter down with success, but Dex survives as he parachutes from the plane before it crashes. He then takes off in a boat with a new weapon called the Hell Razor, a big rocket launcher. He says he's going to blow up the Saints Tower and you must stop him before he really tries some shit like that. You sucessfully stop him and once again, he crawls away and escapes.

CUTSCENE 1: You guys head back to Carvport and you find a power plant and the Saints makes Carvport their city and things are still being developed in the city.

You passed the mission, congrats.

REWARDS: $4000, +8 Respect 6 Ability Points

Mission 7: A Night We'll All Remeber...

Three days later....(in-game)

Kinzie calls The Protagnist on his/her cell phone saying her and Josh Birk are having a engagement party at the Grand Lake Ballroom in Grand Lake Square. She wants you to come at 8:00pm as 1 minute in the game is one second in real life time. You can go to Carvport and customize the city until it's 8:00pm and you will be able to go.

While at the party, Kinzie is wearing a black dress and Josh Birk is wearing a suit and everyone is having a good time. By 10:00, it's Get Drunk time and it's a little minigame where you and another person compete and see who can get drunk more or act more foolish when drunk. Every game you win, you get money. By 12:00, everyone is so fucking drunk that they run the streets butt naked and best part: NO PIXELATION. Ohoho... It really is a night to remeber. Everyone runs the streets drunk and naked and at 2:00am you pass out and wake up on one of connecting towers in Saints Square the next day. You say: "Aw, shit, I was fucked up for real last night. Damn, what a night....." Ohoho... It was a night to remeber, but at least you knew you were drunk.

You passed the mission, congrats.

REWARDS: $2000 +6 Respect, 7 Ability Points, you can now play Get Drunk or Drunk As Hell as a activity.

Mission 8: Live on Television

After Mission 7, The Protagnist gets a phone call from the new Morning Star manager, Dex. He tells The Protagnist that he will torch their publicity and their reputation on national TV in Matt Miller's talk show: America Technolgies Today. He says he is a guest and he will put the Saints on blast on how Shaundi is a crackhead, Oleg is a fat piece of ground beef, how Josh Birk is a dumbass vampire on his shitty vampire show called Nyteblade, how Kinzie is a digtal freak, how Pierce is a horrible singer and how The Protagnist is a big fat sellout. The Protganist told Dex that wasn't going to happen and he/she decides to go to Kinzie for help.

OBJECTIVE: Drive To Kinzie's Place.

Once you drive to Kinzie's place, you have to go inside and walk in the blip.

Cutscene 1: The Protagnist asks Kinzie where Matt Miller's talk show studio is at and she tells The Protganist it's in Stilwater in Estevez Square. The Protganist leaves and Kinzie finishes kissing Josh Birk.

OBJECTIVE: Drive To Stilwater and Matt Miller's Studio

You must get on the highway and drive to Stilwater. After arriving there, you must drive to Matt Miller's studio where he does his talk show. You have 20 minutes (in-game time) to get there or you fail. Once you get there, there is a back door where the guards stand. You must shoot the guards and then sneak in the door which leads to backstage. Once when Dex arrives and says: "Now, about the 3rd Street Saints", you can blow the wall down with a gun, then try and shoot Dex, but he will keep dodging and he will get away. But, you'll wind up shooting people in the crowd.

Then, the Morning Star and Deckers come and try to kill you. You must kill every gang member, but the camera is still rolling and everything's live on tv. Matt Miller gets a Java Double Barrel and starts shooting at you. He will try to kill you, but he'll wind up shooting himself when he unexpectedly turns the gun to this stomach without looking. He dosen't die, but he's messed up for a while. Then, Death's Wrath shows up trying to eliminate you also. You finally escape out the studio and head back to the Saints HQ.

You passed the mission, congrats.

REWARDS: $4000, +15 Respect, 10 Ability Points

Mission 9: Taking Out The Trash

You get a call from a friend you went to school with. He says that his life is falling apart and his ex-girlfriend keeps terrorizing him (trying to steal his car keys, demolishing his stuff, saying offensive things to him and messing with his six year old son). He wants you to kill her and dispose of her body so his life can be better again. He tells you she's at a hotel in Henry Steel Mills and she rented a sky room and wants you to stand from another building with a sniper gun and shoot her and kill her. He also wants you to pick him up and bring him and his son to Saints HQ. He says he's in Stilwater at a local street corner and he'll be waiting for your arrival.

OBJECTIVE: Go to Stilwater and pick your friend up.

Once you go to pick him up, you must drive back to Steelport to the Saints HQ because his six year old son wants to meet Shaundi.

OBJECTIVE: Drive to Saints HQ in Saints Square.

While you are driving, He says his name is Jerry and him and The Protagnist talk about how they used to be close friends in high school and how his life descended into chaos with his ex-girlfriend.

Cutscene 1: When you arrive at Saints HQ, Jerry son screams Shaundi's name and Shaundi hugs him and gives him her autograph. You go in your weapons box to get the McManus 2015 to kill Jerry's ex. Jerry leaves his son with Shaundi and the gang.

OBJECTIVE: Drive to the Marith Hotel in Henry Steel Mills.

While driving there, he talks about becoming a Saint and he has the training because his older brother trained him. And, his son can be apart of the Saints too, as long as he does what he's suppose to in school. Once you get there, there is a ladder to the building accros the street from the hotel.

OBJECTIVE: Climb to the top and kill Jerry's Ex.

Once you climb the top, Jerry's ex wife will be sitting in the window, looking at the Teal Tower in the background of the building you're on top of. That is your chance to strike. You can shoot her anywhere on the face, regardless, she'll die. Once she die, someone saw you kill her and there is a Specter on the left of the roof and you must chase the person who saw everything down or you're heading for the big house.

OBJECTIVE: Hunt down the snitch.

Once you killed the snitch, a minor cutscene will take place with Jerry giving you his ex's body and asks you if he can be a Saint. It's a yes or no question. If you say yes, his son and him are Saints, If you say no, then they are not. You can call him anytime and ask him does he want to be apart of the Saints.

You passed the mission, congrats.

REWARDS: $2000, +10 Respect, 8 Ability Points, Jerry is unlocked as a homie and he can help in combat because he has superpowers and Super-Apocafists, he is very helpful and his son has a D4TH Bazooka and will hail down rockets, killing any emeny in sight.

Mission 10: Saving Cheung

Some Chinese guy named Cheung you went to college with and he had a porcelain empourium in Stilwater 5 years ago, but the Sons of Samedi burned it into ashes and ever since, he tried to build a new empourium, but he dosen't have near enough to get another one re-built. So, he called you up and asks can you give him 30,000 dollars worth of insurance and he will will get his sister to pay you double the amount. He bought a empty lot in The Grove to get it built there, so he wants you to meet him in the lot.

OBJECTIVE: Go meet Cheung.

Soon as you meet Cheung, a mini-cutscene will happen and he greets you and Cheung will tell you about how the Sons of Samedi burned down his buisness and killed his wife and his 3 kids. He's glad that the Saints eliminated the Sons of Samedi. But, chaos strikes when the Death's Wrath and Avenged Strongholders arrives and starts to shoot at you and Cheung. Cheung is kidnapped right in your face and stuffed inside a helicopter. You must rescue Cheung before he is killed.

OBJECTIVE: Save Cheung.

Well any idiot is not dumb enough to hover in the street lane, but this is a perfect oppurtunity to rescue Cheung. All you have to do is follow the helicopter contaning Cheung to it's appointed destanation. If you fail the follow the chopper, Cheung is ?????(Gone forever).

If you succeed to follow the chopper, you will be lead to a abadoned building which you see hog tied Asians, Chinese and Japanese people are being brung inside of the building. You see Death's Wrath and Avenged Strongholder gang members out there bringing in the leverage. You must go inside and find Cheung.

OBJECTIVE: Kill Death's Wrath Members, Floors 1-3.

The Death's Wrath and Avenged Strongholders share the same gang-grounds. You must eliminate them before they eliminate you and Cheung. Also, you have to kill brutes on this floor.

OBJECTIVE: Kill Avenged Strongholder Members, Floors 3-4.

After you eliminate Death's Wrath, you have to kill the Avenged Strongholders, which is no cakewalk. There is a new type of brute, female brute and ugh, If you look at her, you'll want to puke.

OBJECTIVE: Kill Hie Juengo III's guards and rescue Cheung.

Once you reach the 5th floor, it goes to a cutscene.

Cutscene 1: Soon as you arrive on the fifth floor, there is a giant door with a big "J" on it. You kick it down and you see Cheung tied in a electric chair. There are heavily strapped guards and some guy in a $400 suit introduces himself. "My name is Hie Juengo III, and I run a criminal ring called Asian Bag'Em. I am the well-known manager/founder of the Death's Wrath gang and Avenged Strongholders. What is your buisness here?" The Protganist says to get my friend Cheung and Hie disagrees and he will not let him go and you say: "Let him go now or I'll bust your fucking face"! Then, it's a whole different game.

You must kill his guards and then kill Hie. Once you do, Cheung thanks you and is very overjoyed and goes to free the others. Before he takes off, he talks about how he used to be in a gang called Yin-Yin in Steelport back in 2005 and how they use to run rooftops and "dash the night's sky scorched in blood and with sharp katanas".

You passed the mission, congrats.

REWARDS: $7000, +15 Respect, 9 Ability Points. Cheung is now a homie and he can help you get bailed out of jail. Yin-Yin are now homies. They help in combat by dicing enemies in pieces.

Mission 11: The Gat Never Dies

After Mission 10 is completed, Cheung automactially joins the Saints and he wants you to come to Saints HQ to check something out on a popular gossip site.

OBJECTIVE: Drive to Saints HQ.

While on your way, you get a call from a former Luchador gang member saying Killbane may be alive. He also says that the Morning Star and Deckers are trying to force him to join them so they can blow up Stilwater and build their own city, Starwater. You tell him you'll get back to him in another hour and he says ok.

Once you reach Saints HQ, Cheung sees you.

Cutscene 1: Cheung makes small chat and he wants you to come with him to the Penthouse. While going up on the elevator, you guys talk about how the Saints are going to restore Carvport. When in the penthouse, Shaundi is naked and Shaundi shows you the article saying in big letters: "JOHNNY GAT MAY BE ALIVE!" At first, you think it was another rumor, but the admin of the site said he had a interview on camera with Johnny Gat two weeks ago, and he posted it on the site. You ask Shaundi why is she naked and she says she was just done having fun with Pierce, which means they had sex. Pierce walks in with a onyx houserobe saying we should go find Johnny Gat and Pierce is worried he will lose his current position. You and Cheung ask where will we find Gat and Shaundi wrote down that he's in a motel in Factor Hills in Carvport. Oleg says he wants to come along also and Shaundi goes to get a outfit out and Pierce heads to the wardrobe also.

OBJECTIVE: Go to Carvport.

While on the way, the former Luchador that conctacted you earlier, he says Killbane is alive and he's in Carvort with Johnny and Shaundi asks who's on the phone and you say Killbane is alive and with Johnny. Shaundi screams in rage:"I'm killing that fucking jerk"! You head to Carvport and once you hit there, it is still vacant and power is weak.

OBJECTIVE: Go to Factor Hills Motel.

While on the way, Shaundi is very worried that something will happen to Johnny or "things can get wild" with Killbane in Johnny's space. You must get to Factor Hills Motel.

Cutscene 2: Once you arrive at Factor Hills Motel, Shaundi kicks the motel lobby door down to hunt for Killbane and Oleg talks Shaundi into calmness before something happen. The concierge asks are you staying or... and Oleg replies: "Were looking for Room 312 and the concierge gives directions and soon as you reach Room 312, the door is cracked open and Shaundi kicks the door, with Killbane sitting on the bed. Killbane steps forward to The Protagnist and says: "It's been quite sometime, and when you beat me like a bitch, I really didn't die." At first, Killbane sounded a little harsh about Steelport in the past, but he was proving a point and Killbane apoligized about what took place three years ago and he wants to join the Saints. Shaundi at first dosen't trust Killbane, but really, he means what he said and he informs the Saints that Dex broke in 2 days ago and kidnapped Johnny and Dex hit Killbane in the head with a skillet, knocking him out cold. Shaundi screams in rage: "Why didn't you tell us ahead of time"? And Killbane replies that Dex put a radio signal on him and promised to put a hit out on him if Killbane told the Saints about what Dex did. The radio signal beeps, which means Killbane will be murdered. He enlists the help to track down Dex and save Johnny and get him saved from being murdered.

OBJECTIVE: Escape Dex's clutches and rescue Johnny.

While on the way, Dex is in a midnight blue Infuego and tries to shoot you off the road or blow your car up. You have to escape from Dex and after you escaped him, Dex is nowhere to be found and you have to drive to the Penny Bronze Building on Mildew Street where Johnny is held.

Cutscene 3: While arriving at the Penny Bronze Building, Dex returns in a Vulture with a Hell Razor and D4TH Blossom, destroying the building. The building dosen't collapse, but it's in a fiery blaze.

OBJECTIVE: Rescue Johnny.

  • You're probably wondering about superpowers..... I'll add that later.*

Anyway, you have a time limit to go in the building and rescue Johnny from dying. Also, you have to kill some MornDeckers and get to the sky floor and rescue Johnny. You get a fire exitungsher to put out some of the blaze. Once you get to the sky floor, it is a huge blaze, requiring you to put the fire out from the root. It will take up to three minutes (real-world time) to extinguish the blaze. Once you are finished, you untie Johnny and he has no question on who you are. You try to convince him your a Saint, but the building shakes, probably on verge of collapsing.

OBJECTIVE: Escape with Johnny.

Trying to convince Johnny your his old pal, he's been brainwashed by Dex, but you do not know he was brainwashed. Johnny says he's going to be a MornDecker and the last thing you want for Johnny right now is for him to join sides with Dex. You still keep convincing him while escaping out the burning building, but he just wont listen. Soon as you are about to escape, a steel beam hits him in the head and it all comes back to Johnny. The building is wobbling and you and Johnny buldge out the burning building, and it collapses, thanks to Dex. Well, Johnny's back.

You passed the mission, congrats.

REWARDS: $8000, +16 Respect, 10 Ability Points, Johnny Gat is now a homie. Killbane is now a homie. The empty land where the Penny Bronze Building used to be, you get the lease to put a building there.

Mission 12: Enter The Dominatrix

This is a mission where you get to use your superpowers for the first time in the game, as they have been on lock. Kinzie calls you and says Angel came by earlier and left her some computer hardware out of his attic and she used it to make a virtual matrix world and she wants you to be her first tester to see which lies in the virtual world.

OBJECTIVE: Drive to Kinzie's Place.

Once you get there, walk inside and there is a blip.

Cutscene 1: Kinzie is on the phone with Josh, and signals you to wait. After she gets off the phone, she talks about how she put this together and tells you to sit in a recliner hooked to wires and puts a motorbike helmet on you and hits a switch, sending you into a virtual reality world, full of buildings and red sky. You wonder where you are, and Kinzie says you're in a world of dominatrix, giving up no further details.

OBJECTIVE: Explore the unknown world.

While idling around, you start to float in the air and start to see red steam around you and your senses start to get sharper. Then, you see palms of light in your hands and Kinzie says you have superpowers. She says you can use them freely, but be careful as you might mess something up. Kinzie tells you that you can grow up in levels and your powers are managed by PP, (short for Power Points). If you run out of PP, you cannot use a specific power. You can be freely to filddle with your powers.

Cutscene 2: Suddenly, blue avatars appear out of nowhere and Kinzie wants to test and see if you can use superpowers well to defeat the avatars.

OBJECTIVE: Defeat the avatars.

Once you defeat the avatars, a huge avatar will appear and it says on it's stomach: "MornDecker Technoligies LLC." Kinzie says she did not make that appear and she says the firewall of her computer has been hacked and suddenly, a black screen appear saying: "RUNTIME ERROR 495: Cannot Connect To Server." Kinzie tries to fix the problem and suddenly, a spoof of Kinzie's virtual world appear with blue sky and red buildings.

Then, Matt Miller appears via voicecast and says: "You're in my world, and you'll be stuck here forever!" Kinzie also appears via voicecast and threatens Matt Miller and Kinzie says she's going to help and she appears in the virtual world herself and avatars appear.

OBJECTIVE: Defeat The Avatars.

If you need help, Kinzie will be glad to help and together, ya'll defeat the avatars and unexpectedly, Dex appears in the virtal world and thanks to Matt Miller, he has infinite Superpower PP and he's on Level 10, the highest you can get in superpowers and Matt Miller has took away all your PP and he made a slight mistake, upgrading your speed powers as they would be on Level 10. You must run from Dex, because he's on Level 10 and he'll kill you or Kinzie with one hit.

OBJECTIVE: Run from Dex.

You must run from Dex by hopping buildings and you must hit a button-combo style to keep hopping buildings. Dex will be on your tail for 3 minutes (real-world time) and a tall building will appear, and Dex will run into the building by mistake.

Cutscene 3: Once you escape Dex, you start to get your powers back and Matt Miller hacked the superpower system and his level, shooting him up to Level 50. Kinzie steps in front of The Protoganist and she takes a Super-Nega-Beam, causing her to warp back into reality. Matt Miller prepares a Super-Triple-Beam attack and unexpectedly, Johnny Gat appears in the virtual world and challenges Matt Miller to a fight. You must play as Johnny Gat to defeat Matt Miller.

OBJECTIVE: Defeat Matt Miller.

Matt Miller has a health blip over him and you have unlimited Superpower PP and you must defeat Matt Miller. It takes approxamitely 9 minutes (real-world time) to defeat Matt Miller because he's on a high level.

Cutscene 4: Soon as Matt Miller's health is down to 13%, Dex appears and zaps Johnny Gat, temporaily immoblizing him. Kinzie appears via voicecast and she found a way to "hotwire" Matt Miller's firewall and CPU. Matt Miller says his firewall is upgraded and there's no way she can get in. Kinzie replies: "Watch me, bitch.", and Matt Miller's computer crashes, sending Dex and Matt back into reality and then Kinzie destroys his virtual world plug-in and everything reverts back to normal. You get sent back to reality and Kinzie wants to thank you for testing things out.

You passed the mission, congrats.

REWARDS: $10000, +34 Respect, 19 Ability Points. Superpowers are now enabled and you can use them, freely.

Mission 13: Air Stilwater

For the first time, Angel appears in the game and he gives you a call saying he was vacationing in Hawaii and he loved the trip, but you tell him Killbane was alive and he has joined the Saints and that got Angel a little pissed. But, anyway, a new secertary of all the gangs in Steelport named Hewik Cohen is driving a airplane and delivering some cargo to Stilwater from Canada and he was at a local restruant and Dex walked in, talking with some dude and Dex said that the plane is contaning millions of dollars. Angel says bring along Oleg, Shaundi, Pierce and Johnny so we can go on the plane, kill all gang members, hijack the plane and steal the money.

OBJECTIVE: Drive to Saints HQ.

Unexpectedly, Dex calls and he says he heard what you are planning to do. Dex tapped your phone and he says that you'll never get the plane or the money.

Cutscene 1: As you enter the penthouse, you tell the guys about what happened and that Dex tapped your phone and he knows that the Saints is going to hijack the plane and take all the money. You, Pierce, Shaundi, Oleg and Johnny roll out.

OBJECTIVE: Follow Dex's chopper.

While driving on the highway, you see that Dex's chopper is in the air and he dosen't see you, but nobody knows if it's him for sure. Oleg gets his portable telescope and Dex is driving the chopper and you must follow the chopper and the destanation Dex is going to, is to get on the plane contaning the money. Once you follow his chopper, the plane is at the airport in Stilwater and he gets on.

OBJECTIVE: Sneak into the plane without getting caught.

While sneaking in the backpart of the plane, Johnny sees some MornDecker, Avenged Strongholders and Save Me uniforms and there's five of each one and everyone must dress as the three gangs. You guys enter the plane and take a seat, and the plane takes off with the cargo rumbling in the plane. You have no idea on where your're going, but you can look out the window and see Steelport, Stilwater and Carvport as you depart away.

OBJECTIVE: Wait to strike.

You look out the window again and you see a fourth city, Blackwater. It's very big also and is also populated and has high-rise office buildings. The plane is still not stopping and you look at Johnny and he tilts his head, which tells you: "Go time".

Cutscene 1: The Saints pulls out their guns and starts to shoot the plane up. The plane is very big and has 7 classes. Death's Wrath fights back and they fail. It's a big gunfight.

OBJECTIVE: Kill All Gang Members.

You must kill all gang members on the plane and you have the Saints to assist you. Once you kill all gang members in all seven classes, you must kill a little more to get to the pilot room.

Cutscene 2: Once you get to the pilot room, the person driving the plane is fearless and horribly insults you and Johnny says: "Let me handle this, I got a way to shut him up". Johnny grabs the pilot by the neck and throws him out the window. You must drive the plane.

OBJECTIVE: Drive the plane to Steelport.

You guys are overjoyed that you took the plane and will be more richer, but trouble strikes as that Dex installed a emergency bomb and Matt Miller appears on a Specter and shoots the plane with a rocket launcher from down above and you're 500000 feet in the air, over the clouds, nearly close to the ozone layer. Yes, you're in big trouble.

OBJECTIVE: Still drive the plane to Stilwater.

The plane is in fire, but you can still drive it to Stilwater and you have a time limit to get it back there. Shaundi says that we should jump because the plane can explode in any minute. But, the cargo.... The cargo must be transported also, so you call Kinzie and she has a big, bulky helicopter to load the cargo on. You must get the plane to Stilwater.

Cutscene 3: Soon as you land in Stilwater, the plane shoots up in flames, causing it to catch fire and everyone parachutes out the plane, but Kinzie's cargo holder snapped, dropping all the cargo into fire. But, MornDecker island is ahead and you guys swim there.

Cutscene 4: A new antoganist is in the game and also there are plenty more missions to come with more antoganists. The co-leader of the new and revived Syndicate, Ramion Powers, who's believed to be Dex's son. He's fifthteen years of age and between the timeline of the end of Saints Row, Saints Row 2, and the whole game of Saints Row: The Third, he had a son. This is your first encounter with him and he's extremely dangerous and he says: "Punk ass 3rd Street Saints.... You guys think you're gangsters, but you're nothing but a bunch of bitches and wannabees. Were more than gangsters. Were innovators and Steelport will be ours!"

You passed the mission, congrats.

REWARDS: $9000, +26 Respect, 17 Ability Points. A new city has been discovered.

Mission 14: Gorillas In The Cyst

You get a call from some man who claims that he's a secret agent and lately, he's been observing crime gangs and he says that the 3rd Street Saints came to mind and the dude says that he wants you to come with him in a jungle polluted with carbon monoxide and you have to go off the map. He wants you to meet him at the runway airport.

OBJECTIVE: Get to the airport.

Once you arrive, you must drive in the blip.

Cutscene 1: The secret agent greets you and he says his name is Agent Fred Banks and he's taking you to the Nature Sancutary which is far far away from all the four cities. You can only visit here once and can never go back, unless you download DLC. I will make a list of available DLC later, Anyway, he wants you to drive the plane and you guys are going there because you are going to kill some gorillas who are high on monoxide and he's going to use the evidence to stop the polluition.

OBJECTIVE: Drive to the Nature Sancutary.

While on the way, you get to fly over all four cities and it's a beautiful sight. When coming close to the Nature Sancuatry, it is a fog and it deepens, faiding the eyesight and Agent Fred gives you night-vision googles and a gas mask, claming that the fog is carbon monoxide, a extreme type of it and it has been never touched by human.

OBJECTIVE: Kill the Gorillas.

The Gorillas will attack you, similar to zombies and use can use any weapon to kill them. Once you kill them, they will split into pieces and you must pick up their fragments for evidence.

Cutscene 2: The gorillas are dead and you have collected the evidence. But, you soon find out that this wasn't a agent and he was a member of the Syndicate and he stabs you with a tranqualizer, running. You later wake up in Steelport in a local hospital, knowing you've been tricked.

You passed the mission, congrats?

REWARDS: None. The Nature Sancutary has been explored and will be unlockable with measures.

Mission 15: It's Goin' Down (Act 1 Finale)

After getting out the hospital, Dex attempts a drive-by, but you dive out the way in time. You get a call from Cheung saying that the Syndicate has went drastic measures and some tanks are rolling in along with a helicopter delivering a bomb to the Saints Tower, one of the tallest buildings in Steelport. Cheung says everyone will meet you and you must get to the Saints Tower.

OBJECTIVE: Head to Saints Tower.

The bomb is going to probably blow up the Saints Tower and Cheung stays with you on the phone. Cheung says that we can't stop the bomb from being delivered because it will be too late and the bomb's roots are already patched.

OBJECTIVE: Kill all Gang Members.

Once you arrive, gang members from all 4 gangs will try to take you out and the secetary of the Syndicate, Randal Vice is inside and you must kill your way through to get to him because he's the only one that know who's behind all this and he's also the wire to knowing where the bomb has been located.

OBJECTIVE: Get to the roof-top.

Just like Mission 3, you have to go through 121 floors to get to the roof and deactivate the bomb, but there's one con: Dex has kidnapped Zimos. It's Zimos or the tower.

Cutscene 1: Once you make it to the roof-top, you encounter Dex and he's got the bomb activated and it's on a fiftheen minute timer. He's got Zimos tied up in a chair and there's no way that the bomb will be deactivated in time. Dex laughs and right now, you have two alternaIve choices:

  • Save Zimos and let the Saints Tower explode
  • Try to deactivate the bomb or let Zimos die. (more choices will come in more missions)

If you choose either one, the bomb will still explode and the Saints Tower will come toppling down. But, if you choose save Zimos, he won't die and it dosen't affect the story, really.... He's not really in the game and after Mission 16, he leaves the Saints and finds work elsewhere.

Cutscene 2: Pierce comes with the chooper and rescues you and Zimos (if first choice was chosen) and Dex parachutes from the Saints Tower the very minute it ignites and hops on a Specter with Matt Miller. The Saints are angry that the tower that's dedicated to them has been destroyed by Dex. Another one will be built and it will be under construction until the game is complete. One of the biggest buildings in Steelport has been destroyed. But, the fight ain't over yet.

OBJECTIVE: Find Matt Miller.

Shaundi spoofs up a idea saying we should go after Matt Miller to send a message to Dex. Matt Miller is in Faithful Square and you must find him to kill him.

Cutscene 3: The Protagnist shouts at Miller: "Hey bitch! Come and get some, motherfucker!" Matt Miller gets a Magnus 316 and starts to fire and everyone takes cover.

OBJECTIVE: Kill Matt Miller.

Matt Miller has a Level 4 Magnus 316, using open fire, so you must be careful. He has on a bulletproof vest, so it won't be that easy to take him down in one piece. Once you do, Matt Miller will fall to the ground.

Cutscene 4: Shaundi wants to kill him, and you tell her to back off so you can give him what was expected. You put the gun you was using to take him down and put it to his jaw, splattering his head. After The Saints roll out, a cutscene goes to Dex and his son. Dex is talking about what he did to the Saints Tower and they'll probably construct another one, but he also talks about he's leaving Steelport because "trouble is finished here" and Ramion talks about he and Dex should go to Stilwater and rupture there.

You passed the mission, congrats.

REWARDS: $10000, +22 Respect, 20 Ability Points. Gang operation in Steelport has been cleared. Welcome to Stilwater....., A new Saints Tower will be finished once you beat the game, don't worry!

Act 2 Missions: (17 missions)

(NOTE): The mission app on your phone is now unlocked.

Mission 16: Back In Stilwater

Cutscene 1: A cutscene is shown at the Saints leaving Steelport and going to Stilwater to claim their own too. But, things are not over just yet. Dex and his son has also came to Stilwater and with Matt Miller dead, Ramion takes Matt Miller's place in the Syndicate. Saints are overjoyed that it's good to be back in Stilwater, but trouble strikes when a bunch of Avenged Strongholders shoots at them and won't stop until the Saints car explode.

OBJECTIVE: Kill Avenged Strongholders.

You must play as Oleg and shoot the Avenged Strongholder's cars so they can explode. Once you do, Dex will arrive in a helicopter and try to take you out. Oleg then gets a rocket launcher and you must shoot Dex's helicopter down. Once you do, he'll go crashing but still survives.

Cutscene 2: After Dex's plane is destroyed, you guys find a place to hideout at. You find a condo and shit goes from there.

You passed the mission, congrats.

REWARDS: $10000, +25 Respect, 19 Ability Points. Vessar Condos is now a crib. Welcome to Stilwater, glad to see ya'll back.

Zimos Leaves The Saints

This can only be unlocked if you saved Zimos back at the Saints Tower in the Act 1 Finale. Zimos walks up the the Protoganist and he says he's departing from the Saints because all he did with his life is sleep with ho's and he wants to change that. Zimos is very emotional about leaving the Saints. He says he wants to stay, but he wants to do something better with his life and he says he's has to do what's best for him. All the Saints gather in the room and dosen't want to see him go. Zimos says before he leaves: "Fuck, I hate to leave all the pimpin n' shit, but all I did with my life was let my penis do the talking. I want to become a president or become a counselman. Next time ya'll see me, I'll be running for President of the United States." Then, Zimos walks out the door.

Mission 17: Money Today, Broke Tommorow

You call up Killbane and he was on the internet and he saw a former Decker gang member saying he got 25.6 million dollars in taxes and he plots to buy Stilwater and transform it into a cyber-space city with a bunch of bullshit. Killbane tells you that he lives in Allston, all you have to do is get his pin number and steal all his savings.

OBJECTIVE: Drive to the house in Allston.

Ge to the house.

Cutscene 1: The Decker gang member sees you coming and flees in a Attrazione and he loses control, crashing into a tree, causing the tree to fall on him, crushing his chest. You run up to the car and hold out a gun to his face asking him for his credit card pin and it's 1125. He dies from the weight of the tree crushing him to death and you find a ATM machine in-front of his house and you do a transfer and steal all his savings and transfers it to your account.

You passed the mission, congrats.

REWARDS: $9000, +45 Respect, 17 Ability Points

Mission 18: Soulmate

You can call up Shaundi and she asks you, have you had sex lately and you reply no, and she replies that you come to a local restruant to meet someone.

OBJECTIVE: Drive to the local restruant.

Once you get there, there is a blip.

Cutscene 1: After parking your car, Shaundi says that there is someone special there to meet you. Now, you must create a boyfriend/girlfriend.


You can choose male or female and pick their names. If you choose male and you're a male or female and you're a female, you're relationship type is classed as homosexual. If you choose opp. gender, it's called mutual. First you choose their gender, height, size, etc. you can also make their clothing, and name and stuff. Once your done, It goes back to the cutscene. You can also come back and create more boyfriends/girlfriends, but you cannot create too much because your Love skill will increase, but your Cheater gauge will go up and if your cheater gauge is high, you have a 2 out of 100 chance of having kids. But if you are not a cheater and have 1 boyfriend/girlfriend, you have a 45 out of 100 chance of having a kid. If you do have a kid and want another one, the probability increases. But if you have too many kids by the same woman/man, you will sink into another type of debt called Child debt. It's similar to child support, but if you are not taking care of your kids, two guys will show up at your house or soulmate's house and then take the kids away and put them in a foster family. It takes 100 in-game days to raise a child from a newborn to a adult. You can recruit your child to become a Saint, but they have to be eighteen or older. If you don't want a kid, you can give them away or sell them for money.

Cutscene 2: After creating your soulmate, You see them at a table far in the back with a cup of coffee. You greet them and you guys start talking. Then, you ask them can you come over to their place and watch some football. They say yes and you guys leave the restruant.

OBJECTIVE: Drive your soulmate to their place.

Once you get there, your soulmate will invite you in for coffee, of course you know what that means. Sex.

OBJECTIVE: Just have fun.

Fun isn't it?


?Activites In Saints Row 4?


  • Mayhem
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Professor Genki's S.E.R.C
  • Trailblazing
  • Trafficking
  • Guardian Angel
  • Tank Mayhem
  • Snatch
  • Heli Assualt


  • Pimping And Whoring
  • Assassin Hunt
  • Movie Star
  • Sex Slaving
  • Speed Datin'
  • Pizza Delivery
  • Grim Reaper
  • Grave Digger
  • Racing and Guns
  • Gambling
  • Drugdealing
  • Car Seller
  • Cage Fighting
  • Arm Wrestling
  • Murderbrawl
  • Boxing/Kickboxing
  • Robbery
  • Bank Heist
  • Johnny Wong's 12 Horrible Levels: The Game Show!


  • Fight Club
  • FUZZ
  • Hitman
  • Chop Shop
  • Septic Avenger
  • Crowd Control

Radio Stations

  • 10.77 The Mix FM
  • 89.0 Generation X
  • 95.4 KRhyme FM
  • 45.7 The Throwbacks FM
  • 125.66 Word On The Street
  • 106.66 The Blood
  • 102.4 Klassic FM
  • Kabron 104.2
  • Romance 123.9 FM
  • 23.88 The Jamz
  • 90.55 Mixtape FM
  • Steelport News
  • Stilwater News
  • Carvport News
  • Blackport News
  • 90.23 My Simple Talk Show
  • Smooth Jazz 104.25
  • Sounds of Nature 100.5
  • Saints Radio 134.10
  • ENSports 120.3

Enchanced Mechanics From Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row 2 and new mechanics

  • The fighting style has been enchanced. Peds now fight you back, Improvised Weapons makes a return after being excluded from Saints Row: The Third and more has been added to the list. You can also learn 15 different fighting styles: Boxing, Kung-fu, Mixed Martial Arts, Street Fighting, Professional Wrestling, Muay Thai, Gouging, Jeet Kune Do, Jailhouse rock, Kickboxing, Chun Kuk Do, Model Mugging, S.C.A.R.S, Bok Fu, and Hankido. Also, you can make your own movesets and hit people with guns. Hand to hand combat has also been enchanced greatly. You can have bloody noses and other injuries and so can the person you're fighting can.
  • In Create-A-Character mode, you can customize the age and height of a character. There is also a voice pitch where you can create your own voices.
  • The driving style has also been enchanced just like GTA IV. You can now make flying (do-do) cars or a motorcycle with a big rocket blaster. You can customize a rusty clunker into a sexy sports car. Anything is possible.
  • Customization on cars and cribs has been upgraded greatly. You can customize non-customizable vehicles and aircrafts without cheats. You can also customize your homes in the exterior and turn a busted-up house into a town-house and make other people live there, more like neighbors.
  • You can also make your own activites and make guns. Weapons from Saints Row 2 return. You can also create your own cities, but there is a limit to cities you can create: 125. You can expand current cities but you can't customize cities until you beat the game. In-game weapons can't be customized.
  • You have to take care of your character and there are 7 statistics: Hunger, Sleep, Hygiene, Attitude, Style, Bladder and Health. Also there is: Muscle, Fat, Diet, Lungs, Stamina and Durability. It's just like taking care of CJ in San Andreas. You must take care of your character or they will die or Respect will go down by 15%.
  • Luck. You can go to casinos or sports game/bars to bet on sports games, play poker at a casino, roll dice in the streets, have a killing-match to see who can kill the most people, roulette, strip clubs, spades, freestyle rap, track racing, olympics, Murderbrawl, etc. The more you place higher bets and win, your Clever gauge goes up. But if you lose all your money, your money will turn red with a minus at the left side. Otherwise, you'll sink into debt. You must make money in order to pay off your debt or people will start calling you and they are giving you only a few days to pay off the debt. If you dont pay it in the given time, a group of people with black hoodies on will shoot you to death. If you retaliate at them back, hundreds and thousands of the people will come and shoot you until you die.
  • Anger gauge. A new thing on Saints Row 4 is called Anger Gauge. It goes up when you cause crime like blow up buildings (of course they re-spawn), snatch people out of cars when in Superpower mode by sticking your hand through the windsheild and grabbing them by the neck and lunging them out the car and killing people and doing other bad stuff. When it goes up, you rampage and start going crazy rather in Superpower mode or not. This raises your respect and cash by doing the more destruction e.g: throwing and lifting cars, gouging people, superkicking people, lifting up buildings and lifting them far and causing chaos.
  • Torture. It's a another type of activity, but not directly. You can excute it on peds by either grabbing them up and throwing them in your car and taking them to your crib and "torture" them or silt their throat or break anything on their body. You can rip their spine out or any other of their limbs, It's called Second degree gouging.
  • The abilities by not taking any damage from anything has been removed. This game is based on the events of daily life.
  • Building hopping. You can only do this at night. It is where you wear a ninja suit and you hop buildings in a button combination. The little game has five levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert and Ultimate. The harder it gets, the higher buildings you have to hop and the quickest and more buttons you have to press, You get 3 lives. The lives increase as you progress in level. If you fall of fail to leap a building, you lose 1 life. If you lose all of them, you die and it's game over. If you beat the mini-game, you win lots of cash and respect.
  • Everything from the three previous games in the series has been upgraded.
  • You can also walk in a group with your customized characters and you can also wear peds clothes.
  • It is also a calendar system with the months that go by and the seasons.
  • You can watch a number of TV shows.


  • Condoms: You notice in this game that there are little supply of condoms in Steelport. You also find out that by random peds that someone stole 95% of Steelport's condoms after a robbery at the condom factory a year after Saints Row: The Third. The condoms are 10-packs and they are scattered all over Steelport. You must find them all and if you do, you get a reward and a achivement.
  • Professor Genki's Scroll Hunt: After Mission 2, an billboard in New Colvin is about Professor Genki. He has setup a scroll hunt that has various messages on them. If they are all found, they get free tickets to the next Genki Bowl. They will show up on your map without the use of a ability as you can find collectibles. There are 26 scrolls in all and if you find them before you beat the game, Genki calls you and says that you win free tickets and you star by going through 10 levels. The scrolls are scattered all over Steelport.
  • Photo Op: This was in Saints Row: The Third. It's still the same where you see Saints fans and they take a picture of you.
  • Spongejon Redpants Never Before Seen Episodes: Spongejon Redpants is a spoof character of Spongebob Squarepants and it is a cartoon created by the creators of Professor Genki: Super Ethical Reality Climax. This replaces the sex dolls. It is a cartoon with bad words, sex, sin, murder and weapons. It has 3.45 million viewers a week, with two new episodes that premiere every Thursday. It is the most watched cartoon in Steelport, Carvport and in Stilwater. But if you watch tv (in-game) it says that 30 episodes that never aired are on DVD and was delivered from Blackport and the plane was struck by lighting, scattering the DVD's everywhere. It is up to you to find them and if you find them all, you get to view those exclusive episodes on your computer or TV and some cash.
  • Old Steelport Medalions: The medialons of Old Steelport in Saints Row: The Third were supposed to be sold at a convention of New Steelport, but they were robbed during setup and the medalions were scattered somewhere and it was a streaming story on Steelport News and it is up to you to find them. If you find them, you get a achivement and access to Old Steelport.
  • Stunt Jumps: There are 67 Stunt Jumps in Steelport, 72 in Stilwater, 42 in Carvport and 61 in Blackport. If you find them all, you get a nice prize.

Watching TV in-game

You can now watch TV in game. There are several channels that premiere different TV shows and different times of the day. Television vary in your customized cities and in Steelport, Stilwater, Carvport and Blackport. Here are channels:

Steelport TV Channels:

  1. Steelport Local News (Channel 6)
  2. DramaSoap
  3. Cartoon-Block
  4. Saints Channel
  5. <3Music
  6. <3Music 2
  7. Explict-Cartoon
  8. Sounds Of Steelport
  9. GamingLot
  10. SportsEN
  11. The Nudity Channel
  12. The Theory Of Science
  13. PPV 1
  14. PPV 2
  15. PPV 3
  16. Prime-Time Movies
  17. The Food Channel
  18. Get Fit! Channel
  19. PetLove Channel
  20. Catholic Channel
  21. Weather Channel
  22. The Game Show Channel
  23. Public Access
  24. BlackLife TV
  25. Reality Channel
  26. Women's Drama Channel
  27. Comedy Channel

Stilwater TV Channels:

  1. Stilwater Local News (Channel 3)
  2. ENDrama
  3. Cartoon Block
  4. Public Access
  5. The Math Channel
  6. Prime-Time Movies
  7. The Food Channel
  8. Get Fit! Channel
  9. Saints Channel
  10. Sounds Of Stilwater
  11. Word On The Street
  12. <3Music
  13. <3Music 2
  14. <3Music Xtra
  15. Explict-Cartoon
  16. Anime-Block
  17. The Nudity Channel
  18. BlackLife TV
  19. PPV 1
  20. PPV 2
  21. PPV 3
  22. PPV Re-Play
  23. GamingLot
  24. Ill(ill) Wireless
  25. Muslim Channel
  26. Catholic Channel
  27. Christan Channel
  28. Weather Channel
  29. Comedy Channel

Carvport TV Channels:

  1. Carvport Local News (Channel 7)
  2. DailyDrama
  3. ENSports
  4. Saints Channel
  5. The Thai Channel
  6. BlackLife TV
  7. GamingLot
  8. GamingLot XTRA
  9. <3Music
  10. <3Music 2
  11. Weather Channel
  12. Sounds of Carvport
  13. Public Access
  14. WesternChannel
  15. Explict-Cartoon
  16. Cartoon Channel
  17. The Science Channel
  18. The Math Channel
  19. The Food Channel
  20. Get Fit! Channel
  21. PPV 1
  22. PPV 2
  23. PPV 3
  24. Prime-Time Movies
  25. The Religion Channel
  26. Health Channel
  27. RealityGlance

Blackport TV Channels:

  1. Blackport Local News (Channel 10)
  2. DramaSoap
  3. <3 Music
  4. <3 Music XTRA
  5. Explict-Cartoon
  6. CartoonBlock 2
  7. The Food Channel
  8. Saints Channel
  9. Sounds of Blackport
  10. ENSports
  11. Get Fit! Channel
  12. BlackLife TV
  13. GamingLot
  14. The Thai Channel
  15. Prime-Time Movies
  16. Reality At A Glance
  17. Weather Channel
  18. Word On The Street
  19. PPV 1
  20. PPV 2
  21. PPV 3
  22. PPV Re-Play
  23. Automobile Channel

Customized Cities

After Saints Row: The Third focused on being so wild, lots of complaints about the game started to stir in the pot about the "lack of content". Well that changed. You can now make your own cities, and you can share them and download other people's cities off the website. You can make a city full of skyscrapers or a city for a building. You also get to customize it's shape, police force, etc. There is a limit to cities that can be made and you can connect them to other various cities.