Saints Row Goes Fifth is a new installment in the wacky Saints Row series by Volition and follows on from the Enter the Dominatrix DLC for Saints Row IV. It takes a more kid friendly fantasy turn, in which the Saints end up in a colourful world populated with ponies, unicorns, fairies, giant bunnies, gingerbread men and evil teddy bears.


Volition had began to plan a new game marketed for children, called "The Land of Marshmallows" however due to budget cuts they decided to scrap the game, and merge it instead with their new Saints Row game.





Taking place after Enter the Dominatrix, the Saints are allied with Velociraptors and are in charge on the Zin Empire. However during a peace day conference, their Ship is attacked by giant gingerbread men and mascots. The Ship is crashed on a colourful planet called "Rainbow World" however only The Protagonist, Shaundi, Pierce and Johnny Gat survive, with everyone else perishing.

Heading to Rainbow City, they find the place isn't as fun as it first looks. The city is under rulership by a strict dictator named Mr. Snuggles, a psychotic and murderous giant Teddy Bear who is planning domination across the universe. He has his minions of furries roaming the city.

Teaming up with a rebel Mr. Ginger (a friendly gingerbread man) the Saints begin recruiting new homies to help defeat Mr. Snuggles.


The game takes place 12-months after Enter the Dominatrix and since the Dominatrix's downfall.

The setting is "Rainbow City" which basically Steelport with a new skin. The skyscrapers and giant crystals, the water is replaced with milk and the sky is bright blue with rainbows. It rains bubbles.