Saints Row Revenge is a spin off series in the Saints Row universe. It is for the PS3 and PS Vita. 

The player goes back in time and defeats Zinyak and thus saves the world from being destroyed. The Saints step down from the presidency and go back to their celebrity lifestyle. However Arturo Vasquez the leader of the Black Dragons has decided to put a price on the Saints head. It also takes place in Stilwater.


Jimmy Gat-Leader of the 3rd street saints. He is nearly killed when a car driven by Lung Kang of the black dragons almost runs him over.In the end he defeats Arturo Vasquez and snaps his neck.

Shaundi-Former reality TV star and host of her own show the Shaundi show. She has changed since her halcyon days of Saints Row 2. She is now the boyfriend of Jimmy Gat.

Johnny Gat-second in command of the 3rd street saints and older brother of Jimmy Gat. He is loyal to his brother and will do anything to defend him.

Pierce Washington-Another top liutenant. He is focused on taking his singing career to new heights. He is nearly killed when a talent agent named Dee Dee Wyatt[A top member of the Black Dragons] lures hm into a trap where a bunch of chainsaw wielding ninjas tries to kill him to be only killed by Jimmy and Johnny.

Kinzie Kensington-A hacker for the 3rd street saints she aids Jimmy and the crew in taking down the usernet of the Black Dragons

Arturo Vasquez-A Cuban buisnessman and leader of the Black Dragons. He is the main antagonist of the game. He looks to expand into stillwater and has his second in command and henchwoman Dee Dee Wyatt try to lure the saints into a trap. His voice sounds a lot like Carlito Brigante.

Hotaru Akuji-The leader of the revived ronin and the younger sister of Shogo Akuji and the secondary antagonist. She and the Ronin act as hired muscle to Arturo.

Zimos-A pimp for the saints. He has expanded his buisness into Stilwater and has amassed a loyal army of hos.

Viola Dewynter-Former member of the Syndicate she decides to join the Saints and is tasked with hiring thugs to take out the Black Dragons.

Benjamin King-Former leader of the Vice Kings. He now aids the Saints in taking down the newly revived Ronin and the Black Dragons

Asha Odekar-Former Member of the MI6. She decides to join the Saints and helps them take down her ex-boyfriend Arturo Vasquez.

Matt Miller-Former MI6 Member. He gives the Saints much needed info.

Miki-A rival japanese pimp working for the newly revived Ronin. He drugs Jimmy and forces him to work as one of his prostitutes.

Blake Donnington-New CEO of Ultor and ally of the Saints.

Zack and Bobby-The hosts of Professor Genki's Death Defying Extravaganza.

Jane Valderrama-A newscaster for Channel 6 news.