Just a plan for the upcoming Saints Row V.


Volition should add more to the character creation system. Because of the introduction of aliens and demons, we should have the ability to pick these types of creatures. Oh for sure we can disfigure a human to look alien, but having a default Zin or Demon model to work on would be better.

So, this is what we have:- Select Species:

  • Human
  • Zin
  • [Another] Alien
  • Demon
  • Perhaps more?


  • Male
  • Female

Add more to the character, such as wings (like Gat and Kinzie can get in Gat Out of Hell), and perhaps the ability to have more than one eye. And for makeup instead of having (for example) a lizard makeup on the face, why not make the whole body scaly?

More variety of eye colours, or add a colour slider to modify the eyes to your preference. Same for skin as well, similar to what the Sims do. And hair as well, with more hair options.

Bring back stores like Saints Row and Saints Row 2 had, high class stores, lower class stores, and separate jewelers so I don't race about the city looking for a certain item.

Other stuff to add the body like horns, spikes, similar to what the Zin have.

Story ideas and gameplay

The Protagonist should be replaced with a new player character, so the whole new species type isn't seen as a retcon. With the Saints expanding their empire across the universe we see through the eyes of a brand new recruit, similar to the Boss when he joined the Saints decades earlier.