Samir Abdallah is a character in Saints Row 5 and leader of the lebanese mafia. He is an ruthless buisnessman and will not hesitate to kill anyone who gets on his bad side. The day after the Saints arrive in Berona Island he has his men attempt to attack them. This ends with his bodyguard Saddam El Hassan kidnapping Viola. The protagonist along with Benjamin King Donnie and Matt Miller save Viola from being lowered into a woodchipper. Afterwards Shaundi tells the protagonist about a party in Northern Acro. Knowing the protagonist will attempt to break up his party and make him look like a fool. He hires three japanese female assassins dressed in school girl outfits to stand post. When the protagonist arrives at his penthouse. He then attempts to flee in his Chevrolet Corvette C7 but is killed when the protagonist aided by Angel De La Muerte Josh Birk and Kinzie Kensington proceed to blow up his car.