Sean Berkowitz is a crooked police officer who is on the Ochocincos payroll.He operates out of the rounds square shopping center in Nob hill. He is first seen overseeng the Ochocincos Child porn ring.However he slips up and accidently reveals the location of the child porn ring to his ex-girlfriend shaundi while they were high.Shaundi Gat pierce and the boss storm the mall and destroys the porn computers. However Carlos El fuerte sends out his assassin Maria Medrano to kill him.However he shoots himself before this happens.He is vocied by Neil Patrick Harris. He is the 2nd of Shaundis ex boyfriends to be voiced by neil patrick harris the first was Veteran Child.He makes a reference to Veteran Childs death in one of his quotes which is jeesh that wacky saints leader killed that veteran child guy 2 months ago