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Bob Wilson (Husband) Another Timeline
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Shaundi was a top lieutenant for the 3rd Street Saints alongside Pierce Washington after The Protagonist's revival of the Saints. She later acted as the Director of the Secret Service when the Saints entered government and married The Boss.

She is the protagonist and primary player character in Saints Row: Tales of the Saints Strumpet and a main character in The Sinister Three. In Third Street Girls she is one of the three main playable protagonists along with Viola DeWynter and Cypher.


The Sinister Three

Shaundi finds herself the target of a kidnap plot by the Sinister Three, after the leading members develop a sexual attraction to the Saints Lieutenant. Sentient Jack would use his appearance to fool Shaundi into going with him and later takes her to Mount Claffin Lake.

Somehow her young version "Fun Shaundi" gets captured by the Sinister Three, which motivates present Shaundi to try and rescue her surrogate sister and escape. Despite Shaundi's plans in order to help her past self and escape, her plan falls as she is chained up along with Viola. Mr. Sinister shows his lust for Shaundi to her and how much he wants to have sex with her, Shaundi strongly refuses to have sex with her kidnapper which angers him completely, he threatens and forces Shaundi to have sex with him and his men otherwise they will kill Fun Shaundi, Shaundi feeling major regret and not wanting to risk the life of her past self, does so going through numerous rape and sexual assault, watching as her surrogate sister is tied up and going through torture the more Shaundi fails to entertain the Sinister Three. After hours of Shaundi having to go through brutal rape making her really weak, despite Mr. Sinister's words threat and Shaundi completing it, he executes Fun Shaundi in front of Shaundi anyways, leaving her traumatised and full of complete anger over seeing her surrogate sister being killed, despite being untied Shaundi is unavailable to attack Mr. Sinister due to how weak she is from being rape.

Shaundi is left chained up alone in a dark cell stripped completely naked and is planned to be used as a sex toy by the Sinister Three. Shaundi refuses to allow herself be played with and promises herself and her deceased surrogate sister that she will get revenge on Mr. Sinister for raping Shaundi and breaking his promise on letting Fun Shaundi live but killing her anyway. Eventually Shaundi is able to get out of her shackles and escapes her cell, during her escape she finds her shirt and jacket but the jeans and shoes are completely ripped up therefore cannot be worn. As she leaves the building into an alleyway, she is cautious of the police arresting her for apparent streaking. However during her stealth of not being seen by the police, she is surprised attacked from behind, revealing to be a man fully naked from the Sinister Three who had previously raped Shaundi earlier. He blocks Shaundi's mouth binds her hands behind and drags her into a door that leads to an abandoned building where he rapes her Shaundi is able to get her bindings off but unavailable to fight back due to her being brutally raped. However she eventually grabs the man's gun and shoots him with it killing him and ending his rape spree and setting Shaundi free, she continues her journey but is stopped by the police who catch her running with a gun and half naked, she kills the cops and eventually manages to make it back to the Saints HQ safe and sound.

Shaundi still weak and traumatized from her rape and witnessing her surrogate sister's death, falls into a depression and will not allow herself to die until she sees Mr. Sinister suffer and die. Viola eventually makes it back to the Saints HQ, who informs them that she almost suffered the same fate as Shaundi but was assisted in escaping by one of the founders, Sentient Jack, who they believe could be a valuable asset to help be on their team. However Shaundi refuses to allow the fact that Sentient Jack is good as he is the one that got them in the situation in the first place and wishes that he dies along with the rest of the Sinisters.

Third Street Girls

Sometime after The Sinister Three, Shaundi creates an unlikely alliance with Viola in order to take down the Sinister Three and should instead take down the entire Sinister Three with a whole group of saints, Cypher assists them on tracking down members of the Sinister Three in order to kill them.

Upon infiltrating the Syndicate Tower, going through numerous amount of Sinister's, they are assisted in the attack by Sentient Jack who has had a change of heart and confirming Viola's belief that Jack maybe on their side. After the battle wave is over and despite Jack helping out the Third Street Girls, Shaundi instantly knocks down Jack wanting to kill him for kidnapping her Viola and Fun Shaundi which also lead to the death of her and got Shaundi raped, Jack apologizes instantly and explains that he feels major regret for what he had done in the first place and wishes to help the saints, Shaundi heavily refuses his offer to help the saints and wants him dead along with the other Sinister's, Viola defends Jack and tells Shaundi that Viola wouldn't be alive if it weren't for Jack, however it doesn't change her mind about him. As Jack is begging for his life and promises that he wishes he never had joined Sinisters after watching what they did to Shaundi and her surrogate sister in which it reminded him of his close family members when they were raped to death and were even given motivation to have casual sex for the live of another but instead got killed off anyway. Shaundi does not feel anymore convinced and decides the fate of the Sinister lieutenant.

If Shaundi lets Jack live, she will feel no better and does not want Jack's assistance in defeating Mr. Sinister and has him leave the Syndicate Tower before she decides to change her mind on killing him. Before he leaves Viola apologizes for the violence, thanks him for saving her earlier and hopes to see him again. If Shaundi executes Jack, she will feel better and will be given more motivation to attack the Sinister's, however Viola will show distrust and disgust to Shaundi for killing the man who may have been able to help the them defeat Mr. Sinister.

After making the decision the three along with a group of saints head to the top of the Syndicate Tower where after defeating more and more sinister's, confront Mr. Sinister who plans to escape the tower as he has a helicopter heading to it and will be his escape route, he then leaves to the helipad, having his men attack Shaundi and the others. After defeating all the Sinister's Mr. Sinister left behind, they head to the helipad and confront Mr. Sinister who's transport doesn't arrive. He is soon cornered by the three and other of his victims at the edge of the tower. Cypher reveals he has no where else to run and he will suffer for his heinous crimes. Refusing to be taken so easily, Mr. Sinister jumps from the top of the tower to his death, and even though his reign of terror was over he had still robbed the Third Street Girls chances of justice and to inflict their own personal revenge on him. Shaundi feels angry for the fact that she did not get to kill the man who had murdered her surrogate sister and raped her constantly.

Back at the Saints HQ, Shaundi does not get over the fact that she has not properly gotten her revenge, if she had executed Sentient Jack earlier she feels worse as she now believes Jack may have been able to get everyone closer to Mr. Sinister before jumping to his death and making his assistance useful therefore could have directly killed Mr. Sinister. If she let Sentient Jack live, she will be full of mistakes as she should have allowed him to assist them in the attack as he could have gotten everyone closer to Mr. Sinister before jumping to his death and making his assistance useful therefore could have directly killed Mr. Sinister. She is occupied and comforted by the boss who tells her that it was not her fault as she did not realize the consequences, if she killed Jack the boss tells her not to worry about having to kill a member of the Sinister Three and it was his own fault that came to his death, if she let Jack live, he will tell her that she did the right thing not trusting a member of the Sinister even if they worked former and were telling the truth. Shaundi thanks the boss for trying to make her feel better and will have a gang bang with him and two other saints if she killed Jack due to her amount of depression and guilt, or if she let Jack live she will feel less upset and will have sex with the boss.

During the celebration party, Shaundi can be seen having sex with many of the saints, however she is still upset over not managing to properly get her revenge and fully kill Mr. Sinister herself. It is also likely that the reason why she looks upset is because the sexual performances she is giving are close to reminding her of what she had to go through when she was captured by Mr. Sinister.

Saints Row: Tales of the Saints Strumpet

In one alternative storyline, Shaundi would later adopt the superhero alter ego name Super Slut, after she was genetically altered and would go looking for answers to her new-found abilities, all while she tries to adapt to her new lifestyle and help fight the Sinister Mafia and the revived Morningstar.

Sex life

Because of her role as a celebrity, Shaundi has had the opportunity to socialize and even have casual sex with sexually active men. Even before she became a celebrity, it has become known that she had sex with many people around still water in the university she attended.

She had been sexually linked to:

  • Unnamed Male Student: When she was 13, she slept with an unnamed classmate she attended school with after getting high with him one night.
  • Countless Unnamed University Males: Whilst she was attending the university, she had relationships with countless men.
  • Zimos: When she visited steelport for her spring break, she ended up getting into a sexual intercourse with Zimos along with some other of his hookers.
  • Veteran Child: During the university, she developed a relationship with Veteran Child, during one of her times dating him, they both got high and she slept with him.
  • Numerous Sexually Active Males: During her time being a celebrity, she had sex with tons of men who would want to sleep with her. Shaundi claims she slept with 69 men in whole one day, meaning she must've had sex on a daily basis, leading up to around over 5000 men in total sleeping with her.

Sinister Three Timeline (Non-canon)

  • Mr. Sinister: During her capture by The Sinister Three, Mr. Sinister threatened Shaundi to have sex with him otherwise he would execute her surrogate sister. Shaundi regretfully complied.
  • 15 Sinister Three Members: As Mr. Sinister was having sex with Shaundi, he invited his men to rape her. Shaundi goes through numerous brutal rape in this.
  • The Boss: Shaundi had sex with The Boss in order to make herself feel better from her past experiance.


In her younger years, Shaundi was fairly laid back and normally casual on most things. She was mellow and nonchalant on most things, and loved taking drugs and being wasted. As the Saints became celebrities, Shaundi rapidly matured and stopped taking drugs all together as she worked constantly on maintaining the Saints image and became really dedicated to Saints. She does not take likely to people getting on her nerves and can verbally or physically lash out if severally agitated.

Shaundi has always show perky and flirtatious side to her and has no issue flaunting herself. She does show more restraint around other Saints if desired and is respectful to others who wants space, but when others reciprocate her flirty attitude, she is more than happy to give them a chance. She does not tend to date people to try to act like they are better than other people, although she gives purely sexual encounters much more leniency.

However, Shaundi harbors a special hatred for Josh Birk. Shaundi described the Nyte Blayde actor as an "Egotistical, selfish and narcissistic prick who won't stop stalking me". Her first encounter with him was when he was hired to do a film about the Saints, and according to Pierce Washington when Josh started speaking about himself and how Shaundi would "Complete him", she was quick to show "Murderous intent".

After the death of one of her mentors (Johnny Gat), Shaundi became seriously depressed and for a while became very hostile and was very easy to pissed off. Shaundi's perky and flirty attitude was rarely seen outside her dating show which people attributed it mostly to Gat's death. While normally maintaining perfect composure in public, she was for a while seen hanging out in a cemetery where she was seen grieving over the grave of Johnny Gat. A few months later, she started to show recovery and appeared to have gotten past her depression, and became more lively and friendly to the level she was before Gat's death.


Shaundi appears to be a young healthy Caucasian female with a slender/toned body, and is approximately 5“ 4‘ in Height. Her hair used to be Brown and made into dreadlocks, has a star tattoo on her left hand and has a tattoo above her ass.

Only a couple of years later, Shaundi matured, her breasts and buttocks have increased size becoming extremely larger, since then has had Brunette hair that is normally kept in either an updo or in a ponytail. During her rape/sex scenes in The Sinister Three and Third Street Girls her body is fully visible, her breasts are proven to be a lot larger then with no shirt on, her aerolas are small, her pussy is tight and ass is very large.

Clothing wise, Shaundi used to wear a midriff/camisole, jeans that barely hung onto her hips, sneakers and a spiked choker. As she became famous, Shaundi started wearing a pair of skin-tight tights that she sometimes pulled down on the front and a crop top along with a short leather jacket, a pair of high-heeled boots, and a plain choker. Her White House outfit was a skirt with a blazer, and wore high heels with tights, along with a silver necklace. Her Simulation Super Homie Outfit and later Super Slut Outfit consisted of a leather midriff, skin-tight pants and a new pair of high-heeled boots, a set of elbow gloves, and her normal choker.


  • In all Saints Row games that she appears in, Shaundi has a habit of dressing in provocative (and sometimes slutty) outfits, and constantly flaunts her sex appeal to others. Whether this is intentional or not is unknown.
    • Around the events of Saints Row 2, Shaundi has slept with half of Stilwater.
    • After Saints Row 2, Shaundi strips down so she could pose nude in Boytoy. This photo was used the fifth edition of Playboy's "Virtual Vixen" in December 2008 (real life) and was used in Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV as an Easter Egg.
    • In Saints Row: The Third, Shaundi becomes more busty and her tits bounce about much more than any other NPC during movement, similar to a Female Protagonist with high sex appeal. Shaundi also looks to never wears a bra in any of her default outfits in any Saints Row, which is one reason why her breasts bounces about in her crop top in Saints Row: The Third, the second reason is that her crop top is too high up to push against her bust tightly enough. This also occurs in Saints Row IV in the Simulation before her upgrade.
    • In Saints Row IV while in the White House, Shaundi's wears her blazer unzipped so that her tits are almost bursting out from her clothes, which is done for the attention and also because her blazer is too constricting done up. Shaundi also leaves her spacesuit zip fairly well down on the ship as it allows Shaundi to breathe without issue.
    • In comparison to all the other female Saints, Shaundi likely is the most sexually open and is significantly more active intimately, judging by the name of her dating show in Saints Row: The Third, which is called "I Wanna Sleep with Shaundi", and has developed a reputation of being the Sex Icon of the Saints.
    • It is most likely that Shaundi may suffer from Nymphomania, although it can be argued that she simply likes being promiscuous, and some say it might be both of them. Only those closest to Shaundi knows the truth.
  • Shaundi was only 19 when she joined the Saints.
  • Shaundi was kicked out of Stilwater university due to always being wasted and was also caught having sex with some other guys.
  • In the Third Street Girls, Shaundi claims she lost her virginity at the age of 13.
  • Shaundi claims that she fucked 69 men in one day.
  • Despite initially being poor in combat when she was recruited into the Saints, Shaundi was taught by Bob Wilson and Johnny Gat how to fight.
  • According to Bob Wilson, Shaundi appears to love swimming and also wrestling with him.
  • Shaundi has suffered from Depression, Survivors Guilt and PTSD, which were brought about when it was believe that Johnny Gat was killed.
    • She does eventually recover around the time that STAG was forced out of Steelport, although the Survivors Guilt takes her longer to deal with.
  • Shaundi's preferred weapons appears to be Pistols, SMGs and Rifles, although she can use any other weapon is needed.
  • In Saints Row: Tales of the Saints Strumpet, Shaundi has gotten Kinzie to download Fun Shaundi from Simulation 31 before going back in time and programs her onto Shaundi's computer in the early stages of the story.
  • During Saint Row IV, the lack of sexual activities made Shaundi instantly fall for Bob Wilson (who was also feeling deprived of sexual activity). Like Bob, Shaundi fell for Bob's personality, his attractive physic and while she had feelings for him for a long time and failed to act on them, they became permanent and unavoidable when Shaundi had sex with Bob.
  • Before gaining Super Powers in Saints Row: Tales of the Saints Strumpet, Shaundi is limited to wearing her White House or Celebrity Outfit.


Saints Row Main Series

"Boss, you gotta get me out of here. He's proposed to me six times!"
―Shaundi losing her temper because of Josh Birk.

Third Street Girls

"Saving Viola does not change the fact that you kidnapped me, let me get raped and didn't do anything about preventing my little sister's death by the hands of your Boss! Not only that, from what I hear, you managed to convince Kinzie to join you! In which is lead her to having a "romance" with your boss!"
―Shaundi confronting Sentient Jack.
"I've lost everything. My friends, my family, it's like my purpose in life was to suffer thanks to assholes."
"Shaundi, you've got to learn that tough like this is what we go through, I felt that way when I lost my best friend"
"I know that... oh boss, I dunno what, oh come here you!"
"About time you added me to your sex life"
"Oh fuck off and come here.
―Shaundi feeling down and expressing her sadness just before she is about to have sex with the boss.

Saints Row: Tales of the Saints Strumpet

NOTE: For quotes from Shaundi after gaining Super Powers, see her Superhero Alter-ego article.


The Sinister Three

Third Street Girls


Saints Row series

  • Saints Row 2
  • Saints Row: The Third
    • Gangstas in Space (mentioned)
  • Saints Row IV
    • Enter the Dominatrix
    • How the Saints Save Christmas
  • Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell

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