Sidney Lao,formerly known as Julius Lee,is a cold blooded hitman of chinese decent on the payroll of ultor he is well known as getting the job done and silencing dex's critics no matter what.He has an older brother named Marcus Lee who was killed in a shootout with the saints.Consumed with hatred and vengance he joined the elite masako unit under the ceo of ultor's command.He participated in the torture of Troy Bradshaw but the boss and pierce managed to save Troy.He is later seen shaking down Diego Fuerte for money he is also present at the meeting between ultor and the ochocincos where he brutally shoots an ochocinco member for talking back to dex.He is also seen at Wardill airport with his Bodyguard Mabel wanting to get the hell out of stillwater.However he is killed and thrown out of the airplane by a pissed off boss for what he did to troy bradshaw.