Stinky Farterson


Stinky Farterson is a member of the Saints.

Physical appearance

Stinky is about 6"1, and has an oversized nose with various warts and moles around his face. He has a small mouth. pale skin, a red mullet, and later has a red beard. He wears a black button up shirt which is tied at the bottom, and has brown capris and bare feet. He also wears a black coat with pink scarf, slacks, dress shoes, pink sunglasses, and a hat. He also wears pink mascara around his eyes.

Personal life and Traits

Stinky owns a Desert Eagle pistol, a baseball bat with nails sticking out of it, an MG42, a SWAT smg, and an RPG Launcher. Stinky has a very strong odor, because he rarely showers and has gas every 5 minutes. Stinky lives in a small apartment, and owns a scooter. He is bisexual and has a boyfriend named Big Boy Ronnie, and is best friends with Kinzie Kensington.