Super Powers are a gameplay feature in Saints Row IV and Saints Row: Tales of the Saints Strumpet.


All you need now is a cape!

After consuming the X-139 or donning Power Armour, Super Slut and Bob Wilson can utilise Super Powers to easily eliminate their enemies, regardless if it's the Morningstar, Elite Mercenaries or Brutes.

Super Powers are improved via purchasing upgrades and collecting Boytoy Magazines unlocks higher tier upgrades such as Blast - Area 3 and Telekinesis/Telepathy - Recharge 3.


Image Power Elements/Sub-Powers Description


  • Energy Blast
  • Fire
  • Freeze
  • Seduction/Mind Control
The blast superpower unleashes a concussive force that can be modified with a variety of elemental options.
  • Force
  • Life Steal
  • Lightning
  • Soul Possession
Pick up your foes and toss them around or control them with the power of your mind!
Stomp/AOE effect
  • Gravity
  • Rock
  • Shrink
  • Goddess's Wrath
Send seismic waves through the ground with various abilities.
  • Fire
  • Freeze
  • Lightning
Add power to your every movement and consume any enemy that crosses your path.


Super Jump Launch yourself into the air and soar above the city like a graceful, sociopathic bird.
Death From Above Jump into the sky, target your enemy, and slam down right in their face.
Super Sprint Run rings around your foes and close any distance with superspeed.
Force Field That's right. Force field.



  • The Passive Super Powers only apply to Super Slut during the Training Simulation and Bob Wilson in Power Armour.
    • Because the Passive Powers are only available at limited times, all the upgrades that are present for these abilities are available immediately.
    • The only Passive Power upgrade that's not used is the Sprint - Tornado upgrade.
  • Some elements are unavailable to Super Slut or Bob Wilson. Soul Possession for example, is exclusive to Super Slut and Shrink is exclusive to Bob Wilson.

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